Life is Better in these Pajamas

During all of the moving craziness, I started to feel a bit overwhelmed. My entire life was in boxes, I couldn’t find anything, I kept tripping over things because they weren’t where they belong and because of that I was being really hard on myself. Things had to get done, my to do list was forever growing and we needed a lot more than I thought we did for the new home. On one of our trips to Target picking up a few essentials, we walked by the pajama section and these pajamas caught my eye. When I touched them and realized how soft they were, I immediately was like oh my gosh I need these! Seems silly, but I was so excited to go to bed that night with pajamas that matched and were soft!


Life is messy and unpredictable. It’s not easy and sometimes the easy things are more difficult because of unforeseeable bumps in the road. During the move, I was so tired and so critical of myself because no matter how I planned, I could not get everything done in my timeline. Sometimes we need a reminder to take some time for ourselves. To treat ourselves to a cozy blanket or just new soft pajamas. It actually took me over a week to find and then unpack my box filled with pajamas so it was so nice to actually have a set of pajamas during all of the chaos. I swear I washed the pajamas frequently and they were just as soft as when I first bought them!

Here are some things that helped me stay sane during the move….

  • Cozy pajamas duhh! Super soft and the price was right!
  • Taking a long shower. There were a lot of late nights and I would feel so gross. I cannot even begin to explain how much better I felt after taking a shower and having some time to myself.
  • A made bed. Okay, seems silly that with everything else going on that I kept the bed made but it was nice to have something inviting at night when I was ready to collapse and fall asleep.
  • Keeping the bedroom neat. The rest of the house was a disaster but I made Jake and I keep the bedroom clutter free as much as we could. I can’t sleep being surrounded by a mess so it was a nice escape during the of boxes.
  • Unpack the kitchen first. It’s usually the easiest room to unpack and it’s nice to say that at least one room is in order while you unpack the rest!


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