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Hi friends! I am definitely ready for the weekend how about you!? This past week was pretty average with the same routine. Hopefully when the weather starts to warm up, I’ll have the motivation (and daylight) to do things after work again. This week I am proud of myself because I started to wake up earlier in the morning before work. It was one of my goals for 2019 and after a few months I am getting better at actually getting out of bed when my alarm goes off! Something that has been really helpful for this new routine is by creating a bedtime on my phone with the alarm app. My phone will go to “sleep” with a reminder to go to bed and the do not disturb setting turns on. I use it as a alarm to apply my evening skincare and get into bed no matter what else is on my to do list. Then my alarm goes off the next morning and my phone starts pinging with all of the notifications that I missed at night. Now I am able to take some time to get ready in the morning and actually eat breakfast before leaving the apartment. Having this extra time in the day totally changes my mood and energy levels during the day.

This weekend, I am hoping to catch up on some sleep, get some errands done and spend some time with friends. Every weekend I feel like there is never enough time to get everything done. The weather is slowly starting to warm up and I am hoping that it will feel like Spring soon. I’m still bundled up in my winter coat and big scarf because anything below 70 degrees is too cold for me! I love talking to my parents who just moved to the South because they eat breakfast outside every day and enjoy walks around their garden. I think my mom has worn a real winter coat only like five times this entire winter. Jealous doesn’t even begin to describe it! For years I knew I would move to the South when I was married and ready to start a family, but now a move down South right now is realllly tempting! This girl needs some warm weather STAT!

What I’m Watching

Last weekend, I finished binge watching Rizzoli and Isles on Hulu and I forgot how much of a void in your life there is when you finish a show like that. I spent the rest of my weekend catching up on my usual shows like Grey’s, The Resident, This Is Us and New Amsterdam. Saturday afternoon, Jake came over and decided to cancel our plans to stay in to finish watching Stranger Things. Jake had never seen it so we have been watching it together and now I am really excited for season 3. After work on Monday, I needed a new show to watch so I started watching Madam Secretary from the beginning. I forgot how amazing this show was! I’m embarrassed to admit how many episodes I have watched this week so far. Jake and I needed a new show to watch together so after work on Wednesday, we started to binge watch Fixer Upper. Jake says he saw the show before but now I need him to get obsessed with the Gaines like my family and I are. Maybe if I watch enough episodes with him, he will build me a house hehe!.

What I’m Listening To

I’m still listening to the Goop podcast on my commute to work. This week’s episodes have covered addiction, family and how to become your future self. Did you know that Dax Shepard has a podcast? I didn’t either until he was on the Goop podcast talking about it. I may have to subscribe because he is so funny and down to earth.

What I’m Loving

Emily Ley revealed new planners and they look beautiful! Yes, this planner is a bit pricey but I love mine and would be truly lost without it.

I found my new go to outfit for brunch!

I’m excited for the Chrisley Know’ Best spin-off, Growing Up Chrisley, premiering on April 2nd. It’s one of my favorite shows to watch over and over whenever I need a funny show to watch.

Love these shoes for spring and they are perfect for the office. I am also sharing these loafer slides because I have three of them from last year and they are my most worn style shoe!

I neeeeed these earrings because I somehow lost all of my other pearl studs.

Tell me I don’t need this pillow! I really hope I can find time this weekend to do some decorating around my apartment for Spring.

Everyone’s favorite cami is now in chambray for spring! Buy it ASAP because it will sell out again.

I never found a cardigan I didn’t like lol!

Looks like I’m going to Old Navy this weekend because these pink pants are adorable for spring!

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