How I am Planning for a Productive Week

With a cup of coffee in my hand and my planner in front of me, I am ready to plan this week. Errands, the gym, trying a new face product and meal prep all are added to my planner so I can see what needs to be done this week. If it is not in my planner there is a good chance I will completely forget about it. Oops! Here I put a few ways to plan a productive week together for you. Have a good week everyone!

Plan Something Fun First Thing in the Morning
I hate waking up early on the weekends and will avoid it as much as I can. However, I have found that planning something in the morning with a friend is a good reason to get out of bed before noon. Plan to get brunch or make a date with yourself and try a new coffee shop in town. Find a reason to get out of your apartment so you don’t feel like you got nothing done all day. And while you are out, now is the best time to get those errands done!

Get the Errands out of the Way
Throughout the week, I keep a post it in my planner that has a list of everything I need to purchase. In my planner, I keep a list of places and errands I need to run on the weekend so I can see ahead of time what the best day is to get everything done. On Fridays, I will order as much as I can on so it can be shipped to my apartment and then I can just shop for produce and other items that cannot be shipped. My goal is to get everything done as soon as possible on Saturday so I can enjoy my Sundays.

Do Laundry and Immediately Put it Away
I have never hated laundry and I really don’t mind doing it. However, I find that I am always getting distracted and never find time to actually put it away. My new goal is to fold and put away as soon as it comes out of the dryer so I don’t have to stare at a pile of clean laundry on my bed!

Wash Your Sheets & Make Your Bed
Get in the habit of cleaning your sheets every weekend. My preference is to do them on Sunday evenings so I can crawl into a nice warm bed! My bed will never be made in the morning because I am too lazy but I do like making it on Sunday nights. It makes me a lot more eager to get into bed.

Get Snacks & Lunches Ready for the Week
While I cook dinner on Sunday, I like to cut up veggies and put them in tupperware and organize my fridge so I can easily grab food in the morning before i leave for work. I started to buy snack size containers of apple sauce and fruit cups that I can keep at my desk. I’ll also make popcorn and put handfuls in plastic bags so I can have easy snacks. I try to make everything easy to grab and go on Sunday nights so I don’t have to worry about lunches during the week.

Clean Your Apartment
Now that I clean my apartment every single week, it makes this weekly task much more manageable. I talk a little bit about it more here, but I basically take a few minutes to walk around and collect dishes before running the dishwasher, throwing in a load of laundry, wiping down counters and then quickly vacuuming all before I sit down to have breakfast. It seems like a long list, but once I made a routine, it became super manageable.

Write a To Do List for the Week
I would be lost without my planner! On Sundays, I like to look at what I have going on during the week so then I can make a to do list for each day. This way I can plan ahead to make sure I don’t forget anything and plan days to go to the gym. This is also a perfect time to text friends to plan coffee and dinner plans for the week.

Catch Up on Sleep But Don’t Sleep All Day
I love to sleep late on the weekends, but I found that I get so much more done when I wake up and immediately get moving! Another perk is that you will be able to go to bed early or at a reasonable time instead of staying up late because you slept all day.

Go To Bed Early
I actually have a few timers that go off to let me know when to go to bed. Even if I am not asleep by the second alarm, I know that I should be in bed by this time. It holds me accountable and I know that I am the worst when I don’t get enough sleep at night.


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