All I Need is Mascara and Coffee

The best way to find out what my favorite beauty products are is to look at my vanity after a long week because it’s usually a mess with those products! These are some of my favorite mascaras that I constantly repurchase again and again and use daily.

I am constantly wearing more than one mascara at a time because I love the look of a high volume and lots of lashes. There are a lot of mascaras for sale and it can be daunting to pick just one. For me, I have a handful of favorites that I like to use everyday to the office or for a night out. I’ve tried the higher end mascaras and sure, I am impressed by many of them because they are worth the money. However, for those days at work when I don’t need a full face of makeup, my drugstore mascaras do the job perfectly! Most mornings, I just have time to make a cup of coffee and put on some mascara before I am out the door. Here are some of my favorite mascaras and why.

L’Oreal Butterfly Sculpt // This has been a favorite of mine for years because it gives your lashes the perfect fanned out look. It’s also perfect for bottom lashes because the brush is tiny so it’s not too much product.

Maybelline Falsies // Again, this is another favorite from high school because it’s affordable and works so well! The brush is round so it helps lift and shape the eyelashes for lots of volume. After a few coats, it definitely looks like fake lashes!

Maybelline Colossal Volume Express // This mascara was a recent purchase and has quickly turned into my everyday mascara for work. It’s not too much product so it works for daytime and with just a few applications I am good to go!

Lancome Monsiour Big // I love a good drugstore mascara but I can definitely tell the difference between a $30 mascara and an under $10 mascara. This mascara gives me big lashes and is worth every single penny. This mascara also lasts all day and doesn’t flake or smudge.

Too Faced Better Than Sex // Okay, so this is my favorite favorite mascara to use because nothing can compare to it. Instead of using multiple drug store mascaras at one time to get the perfect look, I just need three strokes of the Better Than Sex Mascara and I am good to go.

L’Oreal Lash Paradise // So if you don’t have $20 to drop on a mascara right now but love Better Than Sex, then Lash Paradise is the perfect dupe. L’Oreal definitely did some research and was able to create a mascara that was just as good as the original. Sure, it doesn’t last as long and it is a pain to take off at night, but for the cost it is definitely worth it!


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