friday favorites

During the week, I keep a list of items to add to my weekly Friday Favorites blog post on the blog. On Thursday night, I pulled my phone out to add something and realized that the next day was Friday and I hadn’t even started writing this post. Oy! Even though it was a short week, it was a very busy week making everything kinda blur into one.

We started our Sunday with Brunch at Sabrina’s Cafe

On Monday, the temperatures were in the negative so it didn’t take much convincing to not leave my apartment all day! I ran errands in the city on Sunday and it was so cold making me wish I lived in the suburbs and could just use my car to travel from place to place! Luckily, I got everything done on the weekend so I had a good balance of lounging around and getting some blog stuff done on Monday. I also meal prepped lunches for the week on Monday night. The last few weeks I have been making my lunch the night before but I found getting everything ready for lunches and dinner over the weekend made my week go a lot smoother.

Highly suggest taking advantage of their after-hours events!

I don’t know if it was because we were off on Monday, but work was really busy. Lots of incoming calls, emails and I am working on the year-end reports trying to get them done before my deadline. Jake surprised me with tickets to an event at The Franklin Insitute on Tuesday night. My biggest struggle working weird hours is that there isn’t much open after I get out of work so it limits what we can do for date nights. Luckily, we found an event at the museum that was at night so that was exciting! I haven’t been to the Franklin Institute in years and I forgot how much fun it was.

Work has been busy so I have been spending my nights this week on the couch in cozy pajamas catching up on my shows. I thought I would share that I have been blow drying my hair with a big round brush. With this quick dry primer spray and this blow dryer, my hair looks like it was done at a salon. Game changer. My hair looked amazing with the perfect blow out until I walked to the train on Thursday and got stuck in a rainstorm without an umbrella. RIP good hair day!

I’m working this weekend so it will be a quiet Friday night. As always, here are a few of this week’s favorites.

What I’m Watching

This week, I caught up on my usual shows like This is Us, The Resident, and New Amsterdam. Not sure why it took me so long, but I am binge watching Desperate Housewives at night while I make dinner and get some stuff done around the apartment. I also watched I Don’t Know How She Does It on Netflix and forgot how amazing that movie was.

Products I’m Loving

I haven’t purchased anything new lately, but I have been using a few haircare products a lot. This weekend, I really hope to commit a blog post to how I do my hair because I finally found a routine that works! After I shower, I let my air dry for a little and then put this quick dry primer spray in my hair before I blow dry my hair. Once it is just a little damp, I use Sleek It Iron Straight Heatspray before drying my hair with a round brush. To learn how to do dry my hair with a round brush I just watched a few videos on Insta stories and Youtube to see how it was done. It takes some practice but wow is it super easy to get good hair! Once My hair is dry and blown out, I squirt two pumps of the Elvive Extraordinary Oil on my ends and areas where my hair is dry before briefly blowing out larget sections of hair again. My biggest helpful hint with hair oil is to use heat after using it. For years, I used oils and serums on my hair but it just made my hair look dirty. Then after I started to apply heat to my hair after using it, my hair started to look and feel better. I used to think that all hair dryers were the same and then I bought this one and will never go back to a cheap hair dryer ever again!

What I’m Loving Right Now

I keep talking about these hair ties because they are so amazing! If they are sold out at your store, I also found these similar ones!!

This cardigan has been my go-to for years to wear to work when it’s cold because it is warm but still looks professional.

I have been wearing Aldo booties to work every single day because I just cannot wear my cute flats in this cold weather! Mine are super old but I found similar ones here and here.

Just saw that my brown booties that I love love love are also on sale.

A reminder that J. Crew Factory is having their end of year sale and lots of items are on sale to make room for spring inventory including this coat! Have you read this blog post yet about my favorite coats yet?

On My Wish List

How cute would this sweater be for Valentine’s Day??

Really want one of these to wear under sweaters.


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