Christmas Stocking Gift Ideas

Candy Cane Chapstick // Essie Gel Nail Polish Kit  // Bracelet // Portable Charger // Velvet Hair Tie // Monogram Coffee Mug // Sock Set // Candle

Since Christmas is only a few days away (eek!), I thought it would be fun to share a few ideas for stocking stuffers. My mom made my brother and I giant stockings when we were kids so it always takes like 5 minutes to get down to the bottom because it is always filled with so many surprises! We do the traditional orange and apples, but I love to find chapstick, nail polish and little beauty products thrown in. Every year, we all get a new toothbrush and body wash. Seems silly, but it’s so nice to get the necessities and not have to pay for them yourself. This Christmas, I am hoping for lots of socks and tights in my stocking! I just love getting the practical things each year. You can easily grab fun stocking stuffers at Target or Old Navy.


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