Where I Get My Christmas Decorations

I did not waste any time getting my apartment decorated for Christmas! After getting back to the city after Thanksgiving, I did a little bit of decorating each night. Finally, over the weekend, I put on some Christmas movies and got all of my decorations out and then had to clean up my apartment after everything was unpacked. So much glitter everywhere!

My apartment is beginning to look a lot like Christmas and very Rosie with a lot of pink, silver, and glitter! I grew up in a very traditional Christmas red and green household and wanted to do something a little different especially since I live alone right now. There are not many years left I can get away with having a pink and glitter Christmas tree!


The boxed Christmas ornaments at Target inspired this whole look. I just started to browse at Ornaments and discovered you can buy a box of 50 ornaments all in different shapes and designs that are all the same color themed. After falling in love with the pink and glitter ones, I picked up a box of silver ones as well and my tree was easy to design! My tree during a sale ended up being around $35 and Target had everything I needed to fit my pink and glitter themed Christmas!

Some of my decorations came from the Dollar Bin at Target too! When everything is less than $5, it is so difficult not to buy it! My two small trees, little white houses and tree branches all came from the Dollar Bin. 

The Fireplace

When I was moving into my apartment, my movers thought I was crazy for bringing a fake fireplace. I found it years ago at a yard sale for like $40 and I had it sitting in our basement knowing that one day it would be used. The movers brought it from my New Jersey basement to the top floor of an apartment in Philly. It took a few weeks in figuring out where the best place for it was but I think I finally have it figured out. When I first moved in, I had it decorated for summer and kept it simple using candles from Ikea and a floral arrangement from Homegoods. 

I was so excited to decorate it for Christmas! I replaced my candles with fake logs to make it look more wintery. It needed some winter greenery and I didn’t have the budget to buy garland or the real stuff we always used at home so I had to improvise. There were some smaller trees from Target and some fake branches I could easily use. 


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