October Favorites

I cannot believe that October is almost over already. To be honest, it just felt like an extension of the never-ending summer because of the warm weather and repetition of my life. Wake up, go to work, come home, dinner with Netflix and repeat. One of my goals this summer was to grab dinner with friends after work as often as my schedule and budget allowed me to. However, September was just one constant reminder that summer is ending and that it gets dark out by the time I leave work every day. Gross. While on the phone with my mom, we were talking about life updates and I told her I was so excited to get home after work and eat chicken nuggets on the couch. I desperately needed a quiet night to myself, eating chicken nuggets doing nothing besides watching tv. The past few weeks and especially weekends have been so crazy busy. While I am so happy I finally got the social life I had been craving the last few years, this girl needs a break!

I was checking out Target recently and the girl at the register told me to enjoy the rest of my summer as she handed me my receipt I kinda laughed out loud. September has usually been one of my favorite months because the weather gets a bit chilly but it is still warm outside. Nope. This month has been cold, dreary and always rainy in Philadelphia! Sorry lady, but there is no summer time to be enjoyed. My summer wardrobe is currently sitting in a pile on my floor waiting to be put away for the season. Goodbye fun colors! Hello, fall clothes!

After a busy month, I am hoping that November is a bit more relaxing and my nights consist of snacking while binge-watching!

What I’m Watching

Luckily Jake and I like a lot of the same shows so our Friday date night has been ordering food and watching a show on Netflix. I am so happy I found someone who likes to go out and can also just sit on a couch on a Friday night until I fall asleep around 10pm ha! Jake was very behind on Ozark, so we had to binge watch the first season quickly before we could start the second season.

I have my alarms set for the Fall tv premiers and will be spending my weekends catching up on all of my shows. Thank goodness for Hulu because I just don’t have the time in the evening to watch everything! I am looking forward to Greys, The Resident and This is Us. I’m also that person that needs to watch like every new show that premieres in the fall so I don’t miss anything.

What I’m Reading

To be honest, I am reading nothing right now but there is a stack of magazines, books and more books that are waiting to be read right now. I have already made plans to start having lazy Sundays again in the apartment where I can spend some time catching up with reading. Some of the books I am reading right now are…

  • Whiskey in a Teacup
  • Grace Not Perfection
  • The Organization issue of Real Simple Magazine
  • September Vogue

Products I’m Loving

I don’t know if it is because of how busy I have been lately or what, but my skincare and beauty routine has become very simple. Like very simple which is unheard of for me. For a girl that likes to have a full face of makeup on every day, my morning routine now takes like 5 minutes for some eyeliner, mascara and maybe I will color in my eyebrows. For the most part, my skin has been behaving (thank goodness!) so I have only had to wash my face with this face wash and use this moisturizer at night. This eyeliner makes an amazing quick line and I keep grabbing this mascara for volume. On weekends, I have been making a bit more of an effort than I do for work. I worked with Influenster and Charlotte Tilbury for a campaign recently and this lipstick is a game changer. Since I have become lazier with my makeup routine, I like how quick it is to apply this eyeshadow. I have been a fan of higher end makeup the last few years because you can tell the difference between a drugstore product right away. I don’t have the funds to buy a lot of it, but when I can I will splurge and buy a lipstick because it is more cost friendly and they last forever. I’m also going to blame the boy in my life because he thinks I’m pretty no matter what I look like 🙂

Recent Purchases

I have started to do a better job at sharing on the blog the items I want to purchase with my Friday Finds blog posts every week. I love putting them together to share sales and good finds so I am hoping to do a better job at sharing what I actually end up buying. To be honest, it is a lot more adult things that I need for the apartment and cereal. However, while doing my weekly online Target shop adding a few groceries (cookies) to be sent to the house, I found this bench on clearance. I didn’t need it, but it was one of those things that I saw in stores a lot and liked it immediately. With it going to clearance, I knew it was a now or never purchase. I plan on swapping out my impractical basket to hold pillows in my bedroom with the bench so I can actually put clothes on it instead of the floor. I know guys, I am so smart!

Speaking of Target, I did some #treatyourself shopping earlier this month. Oops! These shoes have been in my cart for a while and are going to be my go-to heel for work in the fall. Since I don’t have the budget to splurge on all new fall fashion (tears) I did purchase new flats to wear to work. This leopard pattern is going to be big for fall and for $20 I can get on board! This cute brush holder is the last thing I needed to buy, but it looks so cute on my vanity and has been a great holder of all my lipsticks and glosses. For years, I have had an obsession with Paris and when these scissors came up on my “items you may be interested in” suggestions I immediately clicked *add to cart*. Scissors last a lifetime, right? Making it a good life investment. Okay, now for the real reasons I went to Target’s website to order a few things.

My hair has always been one of my favorite features and I invest a lot of time and energy into it. After having short hair for three years, I have decided to finally grow it long again. Unfortunately, my hair is just not cooperating at all with this decision. I have been having to get it trimmed every three months because of breakage and it is so unhealthy. I started to only wash it like once a week to see if that would help, but quickly realized I needed some reinforcements. I ordered this hair mask and this hair treatment to see if it would improve.


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