Friday Finds

Last week I sat at my laptop and decided to just share on the blog some items that are currently in my online shopping cart. I shared a few things I was loving last week and it turned into one of the most popular blog posts on the blog to date ha! So clearly, you guys really like to see my Friday Finds. Throughout the week, I just browse online and click add to cart only to go back to it later in the week and talk myself out of the whole checking out part. Most of the time, I need everything in my cart but I make sure that these are good pieces that I can wear over and over again. Most of my summer wardrobe went unworn unless I could wear it to work because there is just not enough days of summer! That is why if you are going to do some shopping, I suggest buying fall trends because at least you get more wear time out of them. I did some shopping this week, primarily for items to wear to work and this is what I found….


Their new fall collection was just released and oh my goodness – I need it all especially because the entire store is 40% this weekend!

  • First, let’s talk about this dress that all working girls need to have in their closet as soon as possible. As soon as I saw it online, I immediately clicked add to cart because I know I can wear this for years! The design is classic, fit is perfect and can easily turn into my easy to throw on for every event dress.
  • I didn’t know that I needed this belt until I saw everyone wear it last fall and winter. It goes perfectly with black pants and a black top for work making it a chic look without much effort. I love an accessory that I can just throw on and it makes the whole outfit look put together.
  • I have had my eyes on this dress since it was released a few weeks ago. Like had a complete stop while walking past it and knew that I needed it in my closet. It is one of those classic dresses you just need in your closet for those special occasions. I love the flair and button details!
  • This tank is a must-have for all year round. I paired it with shorts and skirts to wear to work and plan on wearing it with jeans and cozy cardigans this fall. I ended up throwing out a lot of my white tanks and replaced them with this one because it is perfect for every outfit.
  • I saw a blogger try this on in an insta-story and immediately added it to my cart online. I am at that stage in life where I don’t have a lot of free time, but when I do I also want to look put together at the same time. Ya know?! This top is the perfect combination of comfortable and cute and so so easy to just throw on with some jeans. Perfect for those days when you have nothing to wear.
  • For those of us who are not ready to say goodbye to floral patterns just yet, I highly recommend this dress! Perfect for work and any time you need a dress for a special occasion. I love the floral pattern because it is perfect for transitioning into fall and can also be worn again next summer. The style of the dress looks amazing on every body type too.
  • If your office is too cold for dresses this time of year and you love the dress pattern, good news because they also make a top with the same pattern! This one is coming home with me too because it is so easy to wear to work. I am always buying this style of top in all of the colors and patterns because they are so easy to make work outfits with.


  • This week’s deal at Target is 20% off shoes for the whole family. I am also excited because Target brought back the Gucci loafer dupe this year. When the weather starts to transition into fall and I can’t wear my sandals anymore, I often throw on these shoes because they go with everything!
  • What is kinda funny is that I didn’t own anything animal print for years and now this fall I am stocking up on leopard print everything! I was going to buy J. Crew leopard flats but was unsure how much wear I would get out of them. Then I found these flats that look exactly the same for only $20. Sold!
  • I bought this letter board sign a few months ago and cannot wait to update it for fall! I was actually shocked at how inexpensive it was for its size because all of the ones I found online were out of my budget.
  • This cute doormat is currently in front of my apartment door! I took it from our old house and I love coming home to it every night after a long day of work.
  • I know I am turning into my mother because I just bought this book at Target. I will probably never have the time to actually read it, but I like having it on my kitchen counter.


  • I am always getting compliments on the denim dress I constantly wear throughout fall and summer. Luckily for you all, Madewell has a very similar one right now that I highly recommend.
  • Wishing rent wasn’t due in a few days because I want to splurge on this cardigan. The colors are perfect for fall and I can tell it is going to be the “it cardigan” for fall and quickly sell out.
  • I love Madewell, but more than often I walk out of the store empty-handed because not all of their clothes fit my style preferences. Ok, so maybe they just don’t sell enough pink because clearly, that is my color. However, they just came out with this cardigan and oh my goodness! It is perfection!

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