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One of my favorite types of blog posts from other bloggers are the weekly recaps. I have tried to keep up with them on my blog, but my weeks were never really that interesting or worth sharing. I thought when I moved to Philly, my life would turn into a SATC episode; brunch with the girls on Sunday dates, with guys on Fridays and evenings sitting by my window working on my little blog after attending Happy Hour. Yeah- none of that actually happened for me! The first few months consisted of me unpacking and getting settled in my new apartment and then helping my parents sell their house and then move to North Carolina. This summer was exhausting and it was not because of too many nights of drinking at rooftop bars! Now that fall is here, I am finally starting to feel like I live in Philly and not just visiting. I have my friends, I have my routine and I have future plans. I have also reached that age where I get so excited when my plans are canceled last minute. My life is not that interesting however, I started this blog to share my life so if you are interested in my life, keep scrolling!

As always, thank you for stopping by my little blog. It means the world when I see my analytics and how many views this page receives.

Monday was not the easiest transition into another workweek because I started the day exhausted as soon as I woke up. Over the weekend, I helped my boyfriend Jake and his roommate pack up their current apartment to get them ready for their move on Monday. We spent a ridiculous amount of hours boxing everything up and trying to get everything ready for the move. Sundays are usually my relaxing day and I didn’t go to bed until 2am that night. Work was a blur and I had a million reports I needed to get processed. I did, however, conquer one of my fears and start taking the train to work. My budget is tight, but I decided to give my boyfriend my car to leave at his place that has free parking so I could buy a monthly train pass. I have loved walking to work during the summer, however, now it is a bit more chilly and it’s dark by the time I get out of the office. I have about at 45-minute walk commute so I want to see if taking the train would be faster. I went to Jake’s apartment and picked them up because they will be living with me until their new place is all organized. The move took longer than expected so I will have some roomies for a bit! I made dinner for everyone, we watched the new Mummy movie and I got everyone settled into a bed.

Tuesday was definitely a Terrible Tuesday! It took multiple alarms and a group effort to get out of the apartment on time because I had hit a wall with sleep exhaustion! After work on Tuesday, I had the apartment to myself for a bit while Jake and Emily were moving from one apartment to the other. I showered, put on comfy clothes and had dinner ready by the time they came over late that night. To be honest, I felt like a complete mom because we all ate together while watching a movie and then I got up to clean the kitchen while they got ready for bed. Lunches were made, I got everyone in their designated sleeping spot and I crashed on the couch around 2am.

Wednesday was a blur and turned into the day that would never end. After a very long work day, I headed back to my apartment to change into more comfortable clothes to drive over to Jake and Emily’s new apartment to help them unload a car full of stuff into their new place. Their new lease started on a Monday making it a difficult move to begin with because we all had to work that week. I drove us back to my apartment after deciding that we were done for the night. We ordered pizza for dinner and tried to get to bed early which for us was in bed a bit after midnight ha!

Thursday felt like such a tease because the weekend was so close but still so far away! I started to feel sick that morning and knew it wasn’t going to be an easy day. My desk was covered in reports that had to get done, but my exhaustion was preventing me from being able to spell so I decided to put off submitting them a day so I could look them over before sending them off to my boss. Some exciting news is that I have been put in charge of the firm-wide reports that are collected and recorded every month. Later this year, I will be presenting the annual review for the firm. My boss is very impressed by my reports and honestly, it is just because I have too much free time at work to play around with graphics and tables ha!  I was so excited to come home to leftover pizza and put on cozy pajamas! Emily and I had a girls night on the couch because both of us are getting sick. This week has kicked my butt and I don’t think I have ever wanted a Friday more!

Fridays are usually a lot more fun for me, but I was sick all day at work so sleep was a priority. The rest of the weekend will be spent at Jake and Emily’s apartment helping them unpack after a week of moving. People called me crazy when I told them I hired movers but after this week I can firmly say that it was the best money I ever spent! I spent a few hours on the couch under a cozy blanket snacking before heading to bed. Oh, sleep how I have missed you!

Hopefully, I got enough sleep this weekend because the next two weeks are going to be insane at work with important events going on at the firm. I have a lot of blog content for you and even made some behind the scenes changes which hopefully you will all see soon. As always, thanks for stopping by. I hope you guys have a great week!

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