September Top 10 Items on the Blog

I love having the opportunity to have a little blog here on the internet where I can share my outfit details and what is going on in my life. The last few months have been about learning about who I am and where I want to focus my time and energy. After spending a few weeks not posting on the blog, unpacking the apartment and settling into the new job, I realized that I wanted to commit to this blog more than ever. My job schedule took up most of my day, taking photos would be difficult for content, but I knew that I would find a way to juggle it all.

At the start of each month, I sit down and look at my blog analytics to see what you readers want to see more of. I am constantly sharing content on all social media, Twitter, my Instagram, the blog Facebook page and of course the main hub, Over the weekend, I sat down to look at my analytics to see what my readers were reading and especially what they were clicking so I can learn more about what I should be sharing on the blog.

I am very fortunate to be able to make some (very little!) profit off of my blog by using affiliate links. If you click a link, I make a (very small!) commission, but after a few clicks, those pennies really do add up, literally! Of course, my blog cannot turn into a full-time job or help pay the rent, but I like to see that all of my hard work pays off.

What a lot of readers don’t realize is how much work goes into blogging behind the scenes. There is content brainstorming, content planning, the writing, taking photos and the editing. I started this little blog for myself as a creative outlet while working full time and it has turned into a hobby that I love to do. It is a lot of work, but I love every minute of it!

Anyway, here are the top ten items chosen by my readers on the blog. Most, if not all of these are from my Friday Finds blog posts so I want to continue to write those weekly.

Houndstooth Mini Skirt // I am obsessed with this skirt and it has been in my shopping cart for a while. It has that perfect prep look to it and can be worn with a sweater or button down easily. Lately, I have been wanting to invest in more skirts and pants because I seem to never have enough of those!

Wool Sidewalk Skirt // I have this skirt in so many colors because it is so easy to throw on in the morning for work. It is a closet staple every year and will be on repeat for the next few months at the office.

Tortoise Link Necklace // Every time I wear this necklace, people compliment me on my outfit even if I woke up late and just threw on an outfit without much thought. I think after working at J. Crew for so long I now understand how much a necklace can transform an outfit. It is an easy way to dress up a work outfit!

Pink Bow Mules (similar style) // I think the pink bow mules sold out but I am not surprised because of how cute they were! I have been wearing mine a lot to work because they are super comfortable and easy to just slide into. I am also going to link my other mules because I wear them just as much and they are a very similar style shoe.

Sweater Blazer // I never really understood how amazing this sweater blazer was until I started working at a desk again. Even if it is warm and sunny outside, I am freezing at my desk because of the constant air conditioning! This sweater blazer is great to keep on your chair at work so it can be easily worn at the office. It feels like a cozy sweater but still looks professional with the blazer style.

Magnolia Table Cookbook // This was definitely an impulse purchase while walking around Target one night because I was missing home. I am waiting for a slow weekend without too many plans to lounge around and find a recipe or two to make from it.

Loft Button Pocket Flounce Dress // I have been in love with this dress for weeks! There is a pretty button detail trim at the pockets and the flouncy style makes it even more fun. Of course, the best part about the dress is that it has pockets making it one of those dresses you can wear for special occasions and it can still be practical because it has pockets!!

Cap-Toe Leather Block Heels // This shoe style is going to be everywhere this year I can just feel it! Retailers are taking the classic Chanel cap-toe style and are making it more accessible for us gals without that Chanel budget! These shoes will always be on sale too so just wait for a 50% off sale.

Windowpane Flounce Dress // I have been trying really hard not to buy things lately because rent needs to be paid first, but this dress is a must-have! When buying clothes lately, I try to make sure that I can wear them over and over again for future seasons instead of buying clothes that will be outdated next year. However, this dress is perfect for work and will be a closet favorite for years to come!


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