friday finds

And we are back with another round up of my favorite sales and things! This week has been a little busy, but I have been able to find time to browse the sales and see what is going on this week. Now that it is finally October, I feel like I can start to decorate my apartment for fall. I will be needing to go to Target to get some pumpkins asap! The weather has been a bit weird lately but I am hopeful that the weather is going to change soon so I can start wearing my fall clothes! Let me know what you all are looking for so I can keep an eye out for it.

J. Crew right now has an amazing sale going on right now and it is the perfect time to stock up on the classic pieces that never go out of style. One of the reasons that I love J. Crew is that the sweater you bought three years ago is still in style and if you buy denim today they will last for years. I know J. Crew can be a bit pricey at times, but their quality and attention to detail are worth every penny! I went through all of their new arrivals and picked out my top items that are worth buying during this sale.

This sweater has supersoft in the title and has ruffles so yes, I want one in every color!

I love to wear this henley to bed or just to lounge around in on the weekends.

I fell in love with this sweatshirt when I saw it earlier this summer and now I am so excited that it went to clearance. How cute would this be for next summer or a vacation?

I have this top in so many colors already and it is so cute to wear to work or with jeans.

You need this classic belt and the classic leopard print belt in your closet.

A new kind of scrunchie to wear for bad (and good!) hair days.

Scoop up this designer-quality bag for way less.

We all know that Target is dangerous especially around the holidays! My mom recently called me to let me know that she found a box in their new North Carolina house full of my fall decor. I cannot begin to tell you how many hours I spent searching my entire apartment trying to find my pumpkins! Luckily, all of my current fall decor are Target finds, so I have been browsing online to see what else I can pick up for this fall season.

just ordered for this bench for the apartment when I saw that it went to clearance. I am hoping it will be a better storage solution for all of my decorative pillows instead of throwing them on the floor every night ha!

Right now I am looking for a cabinet near my front door for my apartment and love this one!

I need to buy a new tv cabinet and this one would be perfect. My boyfriend was trying to be nice and he gave me a (giant!) tv he had in storage since he bought a new one because apparently mine was too small. I appreciate the gift, but now I need to buy a new tv stand because my current tv stand is way too tiny!

How cute would this pumpkin look on a table! I know it is meant for soup but I would totally store/hide all of my candy in it!

I didn’t know I needed new bedding for fall until I saw these.

Obsessed with all of the fall pillows at Target right now including these, these, and these.

Not sure why, but I need to have this vase on my coffee table for fall because it is so cute!

I have been talking about the Loft sales on my blog Facebook page and my Instagram lately. I tried reallllyyy hard not to buy anything but had to pick up a few things with the sale going on. Right now they have a 40% off sale going on so if you didn’t have a chance to shop the sale last week, you can still find a lot of new arrivals and fall fashions on sale here.


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