Saturday Mornings With Downy Unstopables

I know I may sound crazy, but I love to do my laundry on Saturday mornings. I try to sleep late, make a cup of coffee and start to separate my laundry before throwing it into the wash. While the washer and dryer are going, it motivates me to clean and straighten up my apartment. After a busy work week, I love having slow productive mornings by myself usually while watching tv and my coffee. Once I have my apartment straightened up, the dishwasher is running and I made my to-do list, I will walk to Target down the street and pick up some groceries and items I need for the week. By the time I get back to the apartment, another load of laundry is ready to go in.

One of my big rules of adulting is to put laundry away the minute it comes out of the dryer. If I don’t put it away right away, the pile just gets moved from chair to chair or is neglected for days. I also have been using Downy Unstopables for years when I do my laundry and you can really tell the difference right away when you use it. I toss in a cap full of Downy Unstopables into the wash, turn on the water, add laundry detergent and my clothes. My apartment has a tiny little washer dryer and it is not the best or newest system. I am also using city water to wash my clothes so I love that my laundry always comes out of the dryer smelling amazing and the smell lasts for 12 weeks!

I also wash my sheets every week because I love how they feel and smell right out of the dryer. I will wash my duvet cover and sheets in the evening so I get into a warm bed with fresh sheets. Downy Unstopables makes my bedding smell amazing and it makes my whole room smells fresh as well! There is nothing better in the world than getting into a bed with sheets right out of the dryer. It is those nights that I get the best nights sleep. Now when I use Downy Unstopables, I get that type of sleep for weeks because my bedding keeps that fragrance for 12 weeks.

Brought to you by Downy and BzzAgent. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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