How I Keep My Apartment Smelling So Good All Year Long

img_3515Whenever I go to the food store or do a Target run, I am constantly picking up products that will make my apartment smell pretty. I am obsessed with having a scented candle on whenever I am home, especially in the evenings as I wind down and watch Netflix on the couch. For years now, I have been using the Glade Plug-Ins in my home to keep it smelling fresh and clean. I wish I could buy fresh flowers each week, but with my budget that is not possible to keep up with! Right now, I have fake flowers around my apartment and the flower-scented Glade Plug-Ins help me pretend my floral arrangements are real. I love using them because I just have to plug them in and it is no fuss. You can adjust the dial to choose the strength of the scent too!

 When I go to Target, I always stock up on different scents depending on the seasons. During the summer months, I had the peony scent in my apartment and it is heavenly! The best part about the Glade Plug-Ins is I just have to switch out the scent every other month or so and it is discreet enough that I hardly notice it. There is a Glade Plug In near my front door in the hallway and another in my bedroom that is the same scent to keep the scent going throughout my apartment.  My laundry room attached to my bathroom has the Linen Scent going so these rooms always smell fresh.  I cannot wait for fall to officially begin so I can stock up on fall scents! Right now Target has the limited edition Cozy Autumn Cuddle and when I smelled it in the store, I knew I needed it in my living room! The Apple Cinnamon one is also my favorite scent around fall and I use the Cashmere Woods as I transition into winter. The woman checking me out at Target probably thought I had a really big house with all of the different scents I was buying the other day, but nope! I’m just obsessed with these scents in my apartment ha!

Honestly, the best compliment I can ever receive is when someone comes over and comments on how nice my apartment smells! When I use the Glade Plug Ins, it makes it so easy to keep my place smelling so good!


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