Blushing for Rose at Bath and Body Works


After getting emails from Bath and Body Works promoting the new Rose Collection for weeks, I finally caved in and went to buy a few items from the collection. As soon as I walked into the store, they had an entire table filled with everything included in the Rose Collection. One of the sales people came up to me asking if I needed help because my hands were full of candles and soap! He asked if I liked the scent or something and I had to inform him that I had to buy everything because my name was Rose! Seriously, I had no self control especially after I had a few coupons to use towards my purchase.

The Rose Collection is the perfect candle scent to fill my apartment with! I may have bought the Aromatherapy collection because the packaging will make the bottles look so cute in my bathroom! The pink rose loofah was a last minute impulse buy because #whynot, it was a rose and I needed it LOL! The rose gold rose candle holder ended up being a free item when I used a coupon and it already looks so cute in my apartment.

I plan on purchasing a few more Rose Scented items because the packaging is so me and the scents are amazing! Seriously – so obsessed! Be sure to be on the look out for their next candle sale to grab one of the Rose candles and buy some of the aromatherapy items.


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