girly chic bathroom

shower curtain // bath mat // soap dispenser // garbage can

Finally sharing some pictures of my apartment bathroom! I wanted to keep the same girly chic theme and knew that pink would go well with the brown sink and mirror. Unfortunately, my bathroom has the worst lighting in the entire world!! It is this yellow tone and very dark no matter what I do to try and fix it. When I moved into the apartment,  I didn’t have much decor for my bathroom besides the white floor mat. Luckily, Target made it very easy to buy my bathroom essentials and decor because they had everything. Apartment bathrooms can be small with very little personality with outdated fixtures, but with the right decor you can make this space special!

I keep all of my products in my linen closet attached to my bathroom or in my vanity. I try to keep as little as possible in my bathroom or else it starts to look messy.  It makes getting ready in the morning super easy because everything is always where it needs to be and makes cleaning up go by quickly. I added as much white as I could to brighten up the room and touches of pink to add some personality. I love the way this room turned out!



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