My Self Tanning Routine featuring Coola


When Influenster reached out to me asking if I fake tan, I immediately replied yes! As I get older, I have less time to lay out in the sun and already have signs of sun damage so I use self-tanners weekly. I always prefer the way my body looks when it is tan, but I don’t want the sun damage so I rely on self-tanners every single summer.

My Tanning Routine

Once June rolls around, that is when I start faking my tan and begin my weekly tanning routine. On Thursday nights, I shower, shave and most importantly exfoliate my entire body. Once I get out of the shower, I immediately apply the self-tanner and stand there awkwardly in the bathroom waiting for it to dry. Once my skin no longer feels damp,  I will put on clothes I really don’t care about before going to bed. By morning, I have the perfect summer glow and the tan lasts for about a week if I take care of my skin. Sometimes if I feel like it is fading, I will reapply but I can usually get away with waiting a week before I use it again.

What Self Tanner I Am Using Now

I have used so many different self-tanners over the years and I like switching between different kinds to try out each tan. I was excited when Influenster and Coola sent me a package to try the Coola self-tanners for free to review because it is a product I have been wanting to try! I received the package over the weekend and immediately used it on Monday evening. Luckily, I had the tanning mitt from another self-tanner so it was easy to apply. The Coola Sunless Tanner comes out like a mousse that I squirted out onto the mitt and then applied to my skin. I thought I did a good job and put it all over my legs, but I missed a section of my knee and my feet looked kinda weird the next morning. You just have to be mindful and pay attention to where you are applying it.

I am even more obsessed with the Coola Gradual Tan Face Serum . I was really nervous at first to use it because I feared I would wake up the next morning with a streaky or orange face. To my surprise, the next morning I had the perfect summer tan on my face. I went makeup-free all week because that is how nice my skin looked with it.

How I Used It

When I used it the first time, I stood awkwardly in the bathroom waiting to dry and threw on old sweatpants I didn’t really care about. I was really impressed that I woke up the next morning without any tan residue on my sheets or sweatpants. The second time I used it later in the week, I felt a bit more confident in applying it. Still missed a few places, but I honestly blame that on exhaustion. I went to bed in my normal pajamas and woke up with no issues.

Right now, I am using it on Sunday evenings and do a quick touch up on Thursday or Friday night so I can be tan on the weekend. What I love most is the color brown that I am because I often have to worry about turning orange or getting a fake tan color. Most importantly, it looks like a natural tan and that is what I was hoping for when I started to use a fake tanner. I highly suggest the Coola self tanner for anyone looking like they have a sunkissed glow but doesn’t have time to tan or wants to protect their skin.


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