Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Okay, sit down, get comfortable and maybe get a cup of coffee because I am only going to write about the famous Nordstrom Sale once on the blog so this is going to be a long post. I will be coming back to add to this blog post when the sale starts to add my favorite items as well as items that are worth buying. I will be putting easy to shop links on my Blog Facebook page, so be sure to follow along there. Once the sale starts, I will have links to shop the Nordstrom Sale that I hope you use when making purchases because then I get a very small commission for each link clicked and purchases made with my link. Since every other blogger out there is going to be writing about it, I wanted to put my two cents in about some tricks I have learned over the years and talk about what is actually worth purchasing. I am a broke, full time working, shoe loving, rent-paying gal over here, so I make sure to justify any purchase before buying it because buying new shoes may mean pasta for dinner for the third night in a row next week to balance my budget!

Since so many stores constantly have sales every other week, you may overlook the Nordstrom sale because you may think you don’t need anything. After working in retail for so many years, I have learned that all sales are not necessarily good sales, but I can say for certain that the Nordstrom Sale is worth your attention because it is new fall items, home decor, beauty and more on major sale for a limited time. After the sale is over, those items go back to full price and you missed out on buying designer items on major sale or stocking up on beauty products for the year for a good price.

Of course, this sale comes along each year when I really don’t have the budget to spend money, but isn’t that what happens every time a really good deal comes along? Since this sale only happens once a year, prices drop, the demand is high and products will sell out fast. Last year, I had my eyes on Tory Burch boots and I knew my size would sell out fast, so I signed up to get the Nordstrom Credit Card to get early access. If there is something you want, order it and then take advantage of their awesome return policy if needed if you change your mind. This is when the new fall styles are released and are on major sale, so don’t think twice because they may sell out before you get a chance to hit add to cart.

So now that I have your attention, let’s talk NSALE details…. 

The Early Access part of the sale starts July 12th and ends July 19th.

The Public Access part of the sale starts July 20th and ends on August 5th.

Sign up for the Nordstrom Credit Card right now

There are two versions of the Nordstrom Sale, the Early Access Sale and the Public Access Sale that starts a week after Early Access. The professional shoppers (like me) have the Nordstrom Credit Card because it allows you to accumulate rewards while you shop and gives you Early Access to the sale. I will definitely be taking advantage of my Credit Card to splurge on a few things and then pay off later when payday comes along!

 Make a list of what you need…

Last year, I wanted brown Tory Burch boots and waited until the Nordstrom sale because I knew they would be a good price. I love a good sweater, but since I have so many I avoided even looking at them. I always like to browse beauty to see what products are on sale to invest in for fall because the prices are often too good to pass up. Since I just moved into an apartment, I will be heading to the home section right away to stock up on some home decor items.

Add to Cart Before the Sale

Right now on Nordstrom’s website, you can see a preview of some of the items that will be included in the sale so I would suggest you browse Nordstrom’s website and add it to your cart or add it to your favorites a few days before the sale. That way, when the sale goes live you can simply hit check out on your first order and not have to worry about searching for the items before they sell out.

Take Advantage of Free Shipping

I cannot talk enough about how amazing Nordstrom shipping is. It is my go-to for Christmas presents each year because shopping online is super easy.  I like to just order a bunch of stuff during the sale and then justify later if I really need it.

Items I have purchased in the past…

  • 2 pairs of Tory Burch Boots: The boots are usually on sale for around $200, so I treat myself every year to a new pair.
  • Sole Society Purse: Each year, Sole Society has an it bag included in the Sale and it is my go to work purse each Fall.
  • Kate Spade Watch: I have purchased the gold and silver Kate Spade watches that are classic and dress up any outfit. Right now I am looking to add to my collection with a brown leather watch.

Items Worth Investing In

  • Designer handbags
  • Jewelry
  • Boots
  • Fall shoes
  • Watches
  • Cardigans
  • Sweaters
  • Denim
  • Beauty Sets
  • Throw Blankets
  • Candles

Once the sale starts, I am going to list my favorites here as well as items that are actually worth purchasing! Some bloggers out there have the money to buy all of the things, while I have a just used all of my life savings to move to a city budget so I have to shop with a budget in mind.

Nordstrom Sale

My plan was to wake up early before work to make a few purchases and put together my favorites from the Nordstrom Sale.  I didn’t get home until after 11pm last night, the snooze button was pressed too many times! Luckily, my desk is hidden so I was able to browse real quick at work and of course when I hit the checkout button, the website crashed! Since Nordstrom is amazing, they are offering 10 points per net dollar on purchases made with your Nordstrom credit or debit card at Nordstrom stores, on or our app through Thursday, July 12, at 11:59pm Pacific Time! At first, I felt bad checking out because money is tight, but I did have a Nordstrom Reward Note I was holding onto specifically for this sale. When the points were increased, I decided what the heck! To be honest, I spent less this year than the last two years so I guess that is a win! Because items during this sale sell out so quickly, I just purchased them and I will decide later if I really need them. I would much rather have to drive 30 minutes to Nordstrom to return than miss out on a great deal.

I am sure I will make a few more purchases in the next few days, but for now, I am sharing my must purchase items of the sale! As always, thank you for coming to the blog for some N Sale inspiration 🙂

The Best of Lancôme Lashes Mascara Set

I actually own all of these mascaras and consider this to be the best deal of the entire sale! I use the Monsieur Big Mascara every day and it gives me the perfect big lash, big volume look I am looking for each time. The Définicils High Definition Mascara is the only mascara I will ever use on my bottom lashes because it never clumps and gives just a delicate amount of mascara without it looking overdone. I cannot say enough good things about these products and this price for all of them is amazing!

Pendant Necklace

I wear my Kate Spade initial necklace almost every single day, so I was looking for something that was similar to switch on and off with. I love this pendant necklace because it’s sparkly (duh) and also delicate that I can wear to work or every day. I read the reviews to make sure it doesn’t look cheap (because it is only $35!) and everyone only had nice things to say about it! I am excited to make this my go-to necklace!

Round Stud Earrings

I cannot tell you how many times I have put these earrings in my shopping cart the last few months because they are so gorgeous! I have so many earrings, so I could never justify another pair, but at this price ($24!) I immediately had to add them to my cart. If you want to get a little something that isn’t going to make you eat Ramen for the next month during the sale, I would highly recommend these the perfect purchase!

Tory Burch Benton Ballet Flat

I texted a bunch of my friends to convince me not to buy these shoes because these Tory Burch shoes are on major sale! They are the perfect pink color and great to wear to the office so I can justify this purchase, right?? I knew these would sell out fast, so I just ordered a pair in my size and will decide later if I will keep them or not. My Tory flats are my most worn shoe so I don’t mind adding another color to my collection, especially at this amazing price!

Grey & Rose Gold Cura T3 Hair Dryer

Okay, yes I will admit that when you first see the price of this hair dryer you will ask yourself why anyone would spend that much money when you can buy a $20 one at Target. I thought the same thing until I purchased one almost six months ago. Now I don’t know how I ever was able to dry my hair before! When I get my hair blown out at the salon, the girls always had to book another 30 minutes of time on because that is how long it would take for them to blow dry my hair. Now with the T3 hairdyer, it takes me under twenty minutes and gives my shiny smooth hair the first time! Honestly, this thing is worth the investment!

Lace Trim Satin Camisole

I actually have a very similar version of this camisole so I didn’t purchase this exact one. However,  I cannot say enough good things about a lace trim cami! It is perfect for the weekends when I want to look nice, but don’t want to make that much of an effort. Also easy to wear with jeans, shorts or layered with a cardigan for fall. The perfect year-round cami at an amazing price right now!

Ribbed Shawl Cocoon Sweater

I love a good cardigan and own so many because I wear them every season of the year. This one, however, is pink and the perfect layering piece for fall and summer with shorts! This one is still in my shopping cart to purchase later (waiting for payday!) and I may purchase it in stores when I go this weekend if it is as cozy as it looks. Since it is pink, it already has all of the requirements I need to buy it!

The Most Wanderful Waves Drybar Set 

I usually stay away from beauty sets because I often feel like you pay for the packaging and the travel sized products that you never use. However, this is a set that I would invest in because I have only ever heard amazing things about the Drybar Wand and their products. For everything you get in this set, it is definitely worth purchasing. I wanted it last year and it is on my wishlist again this year.

N sale home

The Home section during the Nordstrom sale goes neglected each year and after spending a few hours going through it today I found so many good finds! If you are looking for home basics with a more luxury feel to them, then I highly suggest you look at the Home section. I will be going in stores to make these purchases so I can see everything in person.


I get a lot of questions about the mirror in my apartment and since it is a Homegoods find, I cannot find a link. However, this under $30 mirror is perfect for the home and I am trying to talk myself out of buying another one!

Jewelry Box

Right now I am trying to find the best storage solutions for all of my jewelry because most of it goes unworn right now, but I need it to be easily accessible for special occasions. I immediately fell in love with this pink jewelry box because it can fit perfectly on my dresser as decor and still be functional.


I usually have a price limit that I spend on candles because you are literally burning money (haha) and I can never buy just one. That is why I love this sale because the candles that I could never usually afford are a lot more affordable.  I like this one and this one.

Recipe Box

I have actually wanted to get one of these for a really long time to give to my mom to have and write down her recipes so I can have them. At this price, I may have to buy it to give to my mom as a gift.

Picture Frame

I don’t need it, but at this price, for a Kate Spade frame I may need to get this for my home and in case I need to give someone a gift in the future. So cute!

Throw Pillows

I know I have a problem with throw pillows, but honestly, they just make the space look so much more homie and welcoming. I also love this one for a couch or bed.

Paper Towel Holder

I have been using a $1 paper towel holder from Ikea since I moved and it has been a struggle. This one is only $20 and looks a lot more expensive than it actually is. Again, this sale is perfect for stocking up on everyday kitchen tools.

Wine Glasses

How cute are these?!? I love the shape of them and would be great for a sit down dinner or wine night with the girls.

Wine Rack

Perfect addition for a bar cart and helps dress it up with the gold accent color!

Throw Blanket

You can never have too many of these during the winter months. The Ugg one is super soft and an affordable option or you can  splurge with this one!


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