preventing the sunday scaries

There is just too much week and not enough weekend going on in my life right now! Every weekend I am trying to get so much done while I have the free time that I often start Monday off being exhausted. I like to be social with friends, so I schedule things to do and of course, things come up last minute. My plans to go grocery shopping get replaced by addressing the giant mess in my bedroom.

Recently on Friday, my plan was to go home and take a nap before I would get up for a quick dinner and fall back asleep for the evening. It had been a long week and I needed to sleep because I had been suffering from allergies for days. A box of tissues later and my voice still sounded like Kermit. Around noon, my friend reached out to grab dinner that evening and of course, I agreed because I like to be social. A few hours later, a mutual friend of ours invited themselves to third wheel our dinner date, which was awesome to spend time with friends. We ended up going back to my apartment and I was so embarrassed because it was a disaster. After a week of being sick and a crazy work week, I had neglected to tidy up and it showed.

I spent Saturday morning doing a deep clean of my apartment and laundry. Lots of Laundry! Saturday afternoon and evening turned into friends coming over to help set up Ikea furniture and add some decorations to my apartment. Living alone, I cherish and encourage any time my friends can come over and hang out with me. Even if we just sit on the couch watching tv, it is nice to do it with someone else.

Since working, I have had trouble sleeping late which is something that I actually had a problem with before because I would usually sleep all day Saturday. I was delighted to sleep until 10am on Sunday because this never happens and had a lazy breakfast on my couch while I talked to my parents for more than an hour. It is a day we are all off and don’t have things planned, so we try to catch up on Sundays for a long life chat. I had a work event in the evening, so my normal Sunday pampering started earlier than usual. I noticed that on Sundays I enjoy a long shower and some skincare routines, but I cannot remember the last time I used a blow dryer on my hair. I hate doing it post-shower, but I really need to go back to it because I immediately could tell the difference.

I got back from my work event, crashed on the couch and a friend in the building came over to hang out for a bit. I realized that I was nonstop all weekend and once again jammed so much in one weekend. But as I was getting into bed on Sunday night, I couldn’t help but feel fulfilled in a way. I had an eventful weekend surrounded by friends and most importantly feeling loved – the best way to start off the week. My hair was done, my skin was fresh and clean and I got 8 hours of sleep on a Sunday night.

When my weekends get crazy busy, I try to still keep some structure in there so on Monday I don’t feel like I lost a weekend. I never want to come into work on a Monday and say I did nothing because it just ruins the flow for my next week.

To Do Lists

On Friday while still at work, I will write a quick to do list of things that neeeed to get done and other things I can push off for a few days. While I try to do a grocery trip on the weekend, I can easily go after work and it gives me something to look forward to during the week. I plan on getting the cleaning and laundry done on Saturday mornings or Friday nights if I stay in. I like to start my weekends in a clean apartment!

Make Weekend Plans Ahead of Time

I have found that making my weekend plans on a Thursday or Friday makes my weekend a bit more manageable. For a while, I would start off my weekend with nothing to do and before I knew it, I was out until 2am and up early for plans the next day. Or spent my weekend doing nothing because I was too lazy to make plans the day of. When I started to plan my weekends out, I could decide if I needed to have a Friday night in because I would be up early Saturday morning or schedule a grocery run if needed. Last weekend, all of my errands had to be pushed onto Monday because I simply ran out of time with last minute plans!

Spend Time Outside

I don’t care if I have to take a walk by myself or if we walk to dinner one night, I have to say that I spent time outdoors during the weekend. It is so easy to get consumed by Netflix and not leave the apartment, I don’t care if it is raining I will always make the effort to go for a walk.

Two Drink Rule

I can’t drink anymore like I used to and right now my limit is two drinks. I’m a cheap date and a fun time, but I need to function the next day and a hangover can get in the way. I still go out, but I am very smart about what and how much I drink when I go out. #OldLady

Skincare Sundays

I take a long shower on Sunday and follow up with some pampering after. I like to spend one hour on Sundays just doing things for me whether it’s a face mask, bubble bath or just staring at my pores for 20 minutes- I don’t care it is my hour to do whatever I want in a fluffy robe!

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