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For years, my weekly highlight would be going to Target once a week in the evening to just walk around and pick up a few essentials. Some days I would actually come home with the items that I really needed, but most days I would come home with a new lamp, new comforter and some throw pillows that didn’t match anything… but they were on clearance! When I first moved into the apartment, it took me a few days to realize that a lot of the things I always had on hand without thinking about were not in my apartment. I would need a paper towel in the morning to wrap up a bagel on my way out the door or a Clorox wipe to clean my kitchen counters and not have it. Even cooking dinner at night I realized that I didn’t have things I just always had in the pantry at my parent’s house. I started to walk to Target after work or on Saturday mornings, but that walk back home with all of my purchases was brutal. I’m the type of gal that over shops at Target, so I knew that if I physically went to a Target store I could only buy five things.

I then remembered that offers free shipping with $35 orders and spending that much money is pretty easy to do! With moving to a new apartment, I had a lot of things I needed right away but didn’t feel like struggling to get it up 15 floors to my apartment. I will be in my apartment and realize that I need something so I can easily add it to my shopping cart using the Target App.  The women at the front desk have called me the crazy package lady because I order from Target once a week and I get a ton of packages delivered in just two days. The convenience is just too good not to take advantage of.

The week before moving into my apartment, I ordered some stuff on and strategically placed the order to arrive the day I moved in. I had some home decor and essentials delivered like a shower curtain, a shower liner, laundry detergent, some basic cleaning supplies, etc. We all know how Target has everything, so by taking advantage of ordering online, I can get everything delivered and only purchase the items I need.

Since I am always ordering essentials from Target, I thought I would share what the best items are to have delivered rather than buying in store. Another piece of advice is to sign up for eBates. I was a little late to the game because I really didn’t understand it, but you get a small commision everytime you order online. I could have made so much money when I did my big orders last month if I had used it! So if you are looking for convenience, good prices (you can easily apply coupons to your orders!) and not have to leave your home to shop, then keep reading to find out what my favorite items are to order from Target.

If you are interested, you can check out what I recently purchased from Target HERE.

The Best Items To Order From Target

Household Essentials

Once a month, I will drive out into the suburbs and do a big grocery shop for the month. I will get everything I might need so I only have to carry everything from my car up to my apartment once and not have to worry about it until the next month. The first time I did my big grocery shop, I bought a lot because I needed to stock up on the essentials and holy cow there were a lot of trips from my car to the 15th floor! The second time I did my big monthly shop, I walked around with the Target app open and added things to my cart that I would have bought, but could easily have delivered. I ordered aluminum foil, some cleaning supplies, paper towels and Glade Plug-In Refills. Whenever I think of something I just add it to my shopping cart on the Target app and then check out on a Thursday or Friday.

Personal Care Products

Target is always running promotions when you buy personal care products in bulk. Usually, when you spend $20 you can get a $5 gift card for a future purchase. I recently bought a ton of face washes, soap, toothpaste and tons of shampoo to store in my linen closet so I never run out. Take advantage of buying a ton of products to get the gift card and then you can “shop” your own closet when you need another. For a while, I was going to Target to get new shampoo anyway, but ordering it is so much easier.


I love how easy it is to purchase most groceries on Target’s website because it takes a big chunk of time out of my day when I go to the grocery store. I have to shop, then park my car in the parking garage and make a few trips up to my apartment. I am exhausted by the time I am done and I swear I will never have to work out again after carrying everything! I like to always have soup, snacks and other goodies in my apartment and found that I can easily order nonperishable foods online. Ya know when it’s midnight and you are craving Cheez-It’s? Well maybe it is just me, but every time I crave a snack I can add it to my shopping cart. My entire bottom shelf is just bottled beverages like Vitamin Water, Coke, and Snapple. After a few trips lugging all of these to my apartment, I decided the one-click shop was a lot easier!

Pet Essentials

The week before my cat moved into my apartment, I immediately ordered everything I would need for him. I didn’t even think of going to the store to get food and litter. Pet supplies can get heavy, and it was a lot easier to take it all from the mailroom up to my apartment using a cart. You can also take advantage of subscribing to items, so they are automatically delivered every few weeks and you usually save 5% or something when you do.


Shopping for furniture can be fun until you realize that you need to find friends to help carry it up a few flights of stairs! I definitely took advantage of ordering lamps and furniture online because it was perfectly packaged so it wouldn’t break in a box. My pink chair and tripod lamp had to be assembled when it arrived, but that was so much easier than trying to get it on the elevator already assembled. Take advantage of the free shipping and have it delivered if you find something in stores but don’t feel like trying to find a way to fit it into your car. I really love Target’s furniture and most importantly it fits my budget.

Just about anything…..

Target has about anything you could possibly need, so save the time and energy as you take advantage of free shipping. It felt weird at first ordering everything online but then I realized how much time I saved not going to the store every week. Let me know what your favorite items are at Target!

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