About To Start A New Adventure!

This time last year I had just quit my first job out of college without finding a new one first. After having a great experience with my first job out of college, learned a lot and grew as an employee, I knew it was time to leave the company. Changing jobs is something we all do. However, most normal people find a new job before they quit their current job. I put my two months notice in to end the summer season with the company and started to scroll on Indeed browsing to see what my new career path would be. Anyone who knows me was shocked. I need to be organized, have a plan, quitting my job without finding a new one is not something I would ever do. My last day was on a Thursday and that Friday I went on vacation. I hopped on a plane for a girls trip with my college roommates to Nashville without a job, without any source of income, and oddly I knew that everything would work out.

A part time job at J. Crew Factory turned into a semi-full time job, 25 hours a week turned into 38-40 hours a week. I was picking up extra hours, staying late, coming in early and learning new things. After seven short months at J. Crew, my commitment and hard work had been noticed. In June, I was offered a promotion to be an Assistant Manager at the store. I was so excited to take on this opportunity and to grow as an employee. I studied management in college and got a fancy (and pricey) piece of paper that stated that I knew management. However, I quickly learned that I had a lot to learn about management. J. Crew has given me the opportunity to learn from other managers and learn how to be a manager with real life experience.

After being an Assistant Manager for three months, I went to a college alumni event and started to question what my next step was. Was I going to stay at J. Crew through the holiday? A big goal of mine is to move out. However, the big question is where and with whom. I started working as an office administrator my first job out of college like many people do, but got tired at sitting at a desk all day. I quit my job and started to work retail for something more upbeat. Just for three months while I figure out what I want to do with my life. Then three months went by and I was still working at J. Crew. I went on interviews, applied to other jobs, but a part of me loved what I was doing. Improving my customer service skills, working with people, playing with clothes all day, board folding cardigans, organizing a stock room. These things brought me joy. I promised myself that I would never work at a company or have a job that I didn’t love. So, when I had to start looking at what my next career path was, I had no answer because I loved what I was doing now.

Some of these big questions were answered for me recently. My worth ethic and commitment to J. Crew was noticed once again. For months, I had stayed late, came in early, worked through lunch, etc. As an Assistant Manager, I was always wanting to learn more, learn more about the company, how to run a store and the many checklists that come with working for a big corporation.

I am excited to announce that I was promoted (again!) to be a full time Manager at another J. Crew Factory store. I am so excited (and a bit nervous!) about this new opportunity. When I was studying management in college, never in a million years did I see myself as a manager at age 24! This is not something I planned, applied for or even thought I could do it. This opportunity kind of just fell in my lap unexpectedly and I am excited to see where this opportunity takes me. I still have a lot to learn, but less than a year ago, I started as a part time sales associate who didn’t know anything when it came to clothing and now they left me in charge. Eeek!

Kinda nervous. Really excited. Looking forward to see where this opportunity takes me!


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