Friday Favorites

I cannot believe it is November. September and October have come and gone so quickly that I feel like I didn’t get to do all of the fall things that I wanted to do. This weekend, J. and I are finally going pumpkin picking after putting it off for so many weeks because life got in the way. Now that Halloween is over, we are in the holiday season so before my blog gets overrun by Christmas content, I wanted to share a few of my favorite fall things.

November is a new month and I am looking forward to not have any plans on my calendar yet. The last few months have been so busy in my personal life that I haven’t really had the time to do nothing on the weekend. There are so many coffee shops, window shopping, and even boring grocery shopping I need to catch up on but just haven’t had the time. This weekend, I plan on sleeping in late because I, unfortunately, have the flu so sleep and Nyquil are necessary. I’m letting November go unplanned and see where it takes me. Sometimes when we over plan we miss out on the little things because we are jumping from point A to point B.

For now, here are a few of my favorite things lately…

J.Crew Factory

This store has always been my favorite for fall and winter clothes. Sharing some insight of the pieces to buy now before they sell out on Black Friday below. Right now there are tons of new arrivals and 30% off select items with code: NEEDITNOW.

  • I am only a little embarrassed by the number of vests I own but I can honestly say that I do wear all of them during the fall and winter months. This black vest is a classic and on sale!
  • I own a lot of slippers but these will always be my favorite during the chilly cold months. I suggest buying them now because they will sell out before Black Friday!
  • I never found a plaid blanket scarf I didn’t love and I especially need this blush pink one! Just another reminder that these will also sell out on Black Friday!
  • A velvet bow hair tie?! Yes, please!
  • I recently bought this skirt a few weeks ago and I am not kidding when I say that I wear it at least once a week to work. It is fun to wear because literally, any top goes with it!


Loft has new arrivals and is starting to release their sweaters. I know I have a million of them already, but I always can convince myself that I need one more because they are always so cute. Right now with their new arrivals, it is 40% off tops and 50% off jewelry.

  • I have my eyes on this striped sweater with the shirttail hem making it easy to wear to work.
  • I am loving the bohemian chic texture on this blouse.
  • This dress is in my closet right now waiting to be worn. I love the hem detail making it a little more fun than a basic work dress.
  • This is the perfect dress to wear with tights when you have those “I have nothing to wear” mornings.

Old Navy

Lately, I have been falling in love with everything Old Navy has been putting out. Basically, everything is on promotion in stores and online right now.

  • Happy flannel season! These are affordable and cute.
  • This sherpa looks amazing and super cozy. I am loving the buffalo check and pink one.
  • I want this top in all of the colors because it is the perfect long sleeve shirt to throw on during the winter months. My rule of shopping is if it is soft, I need it in all of the colors!
  • I have been looking for the perfect cable knit sweater and I finally found it!
  • I may need this plaid dress in every single color.

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