Choosing a Fragrance for the New Year with Marc Jacobs

Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious. Be Decadent.

A little bit of scent in the morning can impact your day in big ways. Are you going to turn heads or just be another person in the crowd? You can be wearing a t shirt and jeans, but when you have that extra scent following you that is when you turn heads. Be Memorable. Be Decadent. With Marc Jacobs.

When I think of perfume I immediately think of glamour and my mother. If I steal borrow a scarf from my mom, I can smell her perfume scent all day. When a scent lingers on your clothes, it becomes your signature scent. So might as well make it something that turns heads when you walk by. Every Black Friday, I treat myself to a new scent each year. I know it sounds silly, but a little spray in the morning puts me in a better mood. In my head, I believe that if I smell good that maybe no one will notice that my hair is going on dry shampoo day number 3 or that my winged eyeliner isn’t perfect.

I have always been a fan of high end, luxury beauty products and Black Friday or the holidays is the perfect time to get a good deal on them. While I cannot afford every single Marc Jacobs beauty product on the market, I can splurge and pick up the new Marc Jacobs Decadence fragrance.

The combination of woodsy floral scent gives it a unique scent that turns heads when you walk by. Decadence reminds me of glamour because it balances the floral and spice scents. Even hours after spraying, the scent still lingers on my scent. I love when I move a certain way and I can still smell myself hours after I left the house.

I am in love with the scent, but even more obsessed with the bottle it comes in. It looks so pretty on my perfume tray right now and part of me wants to splurge and get the bigger bottle just to have the bottle.

For me, an outfit is never complete before I spray a bit of perfume on before I leave the house. I like to keep a little roller ball in my purse for those mornings I rush out the door. During my lunch breaks I will reapply some lipstick, add some perfume and it is the perfect pick me up to finish the day.

I was delighted when Marc Jacobs and Influenster sent me a complimentary bottle of Decadence by Marc Jacobs to try. This perfume is going to be on my gift guides for all my gal pals!


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