Holiday Gift Guide Series: For Your Lilly Pulitzer Friend

I pride myself in being a great gift giver in life. When there is a holiday or special occasion, there will be a gift wrapped up in a pretty bow perfect for the occasion. This Christmas, I am starting my gift buying a bit early so I don’t miss anyone on my list. When it comes to the gal pals in my life, I like to splurge a bit and give them a little special. Even though this year I am on a tighter budget, that doesn’t mean I can’t make the perfect gift. 
For those Lilly gals in your life, take advantage of the Cyber Monday sale to stock up on a few things to give your friends.  I picked out my budget friendly gift ideas for your girlies. It’s tough picking out gifts for friends because I want everything Lilly for myself!
The Agenda // Every girl needs one, so perfect gift for any gal in your life. To make it even more special, fill the dates up with planned things to do throughout the year. Decorate the pages with stickers or plan coffee dates in the future with each other.
Bar Cart Essentials // If any of your friends has moved out, start adding  things little by little to create their bar cart. You can do a theme gift of Lilly bar cart essentials, or each holiday you can add another item. The Lilly wine glass sets are adorable and you can also throw in a cute _____ too.
Lilly Cups // No one can ever have enough Lilly tumblers! Every time a new pattern comes out I need to buy another. They are the perfect gifts for your friends because you know they will actually use them.
For the Small Budget Gift Giving // There are little Lilly things you can buy like coin purses or cosmetic bags. You can still give your friend Lilly without blowing your budget.
For the Friend That You Realllly Like // If you want to splurge on a friend, you can treat them with a Lilly Weekender bag. This one has been on my own personal wish list for a few years and I have the perfect friend who neeeds this in her life. It is the perfect “wow” gift for the special gal pal in your life.

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