Rosie Lately

Happy Monday, everyone! I feel like I blinked and a whole week and weekend went by! Getting up for work this morning was a bit difficult because a weeks worth of activities finally caught up with me. I am exhausted starting this week, so I am hoping I can catch up on some sleep. Anyone else?? My work hours are crazy like usual, but I have been trying to have a life outside of work. Earlier in the week I made some goals I wanted to accomplish this week and found time to get them done. Nothing all that exciting, but I finally brought the pile of always growing laundry in my bathroom down to the laundry room and got to clean up my room. I love to get involved in projects around the house, so this week I took some time to get some work done. It is a amazing how much you can get done when you make a to do list or goals for the week. Lately, I have been carrying around a small notebook to jot down something I want to get done or something I want to accomplish.


On Saturday, I drove to Philadelphia to go back to my alma mater to cheer on some of my college roommates as they got their Masters.It was a rough drive getting there with traffic and got home around midnight, but it was worth the drive to see these girlies!

I learned very quickly after graduation that the post grad life is not like I planned. The goals I set for myself are going to take some time and weekends are not spent brunching and lounging around without a care in the world. Which is one of the reasons this little blog started because I was looking for a creative outlet. It’s been two years since we graduated and we are all on our different paths becoming adults while trying to figure out life. But what hasn’t changed is our friendship and commitment to be there for each other. It takes a bit more work than it did before, but we make efforts to see each other, plan vacations together and be there to support each other’s accomplishments. I don’t know what the future holds, but I know I’ll have these girls by my side! Being back on campus I got the motivation to set some new life goals. I hate change and often get a lot of anxiety whenever I start a new adventure in my life. But lately, I have also been craving this change in my life. I have a few things in the early planning stages, so stay tuned to see what new adventure I have planned!


I found out that if my life doesn’t go as planned, I can have a fall back plan of being a dry wall installer. We hired a guy who disappeared to put up some drywall in an extra bedroom turned walk in closet for my parents. It was almost completed, so I decided to finish the work myself. In my free time (LOL), I would spend a few hours taping and spackling, sanding and then spackling again! Good news is that last week, my dad and I finally finished this stage of the room renovation. This week we are going to put in some trim and install the closet. I am so happy to have this project almost finished!


Jersey had a very brief heat wave for a few days and it was marvelous! Everyone was complaining about it, but I enjoyed every minute of it! I took advantage of the warm weather and wore some shorts and a t shirt to run some errands last week. I also finallyyy got to start wearing dresses to work and didn’t freeze the entire day. Whelp. Didn’t last long because the cold and rainy weather is back! I have my space heater on at work today because yes, it is that cold outside!

Bandannas are “in” this season. However, whenever I see them in a store or on a model, I just think of my mom in the eighties wearing them. I wanted to get creative and I do love to accessorize, so I went into my moms scarf closet and found this beauty! My mom has dozens of vintage Dior silk scarves from the eighties and I am going to be use them on my purses to match my outfits. I hope to have a new blog post up sharing some looks soon! It’s such a fun way to dress up an outfit.


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