Friday Favorites

Guys, I thought it was spring?? Lies! It has been so so so chilly this week that I am starting to regret putting all of my winter sweaters away. Earlier this week I wrote a blog post about trying to eliminate being lazy in my life. I have definitely slacked off a bit, but I am staying committed! At night, the last thing I want to do is go to bed because I don’t have weekends to get things done. On Saturday night I did some pampering with a face mask and some Jergens. On Sunday, I spent a good hour putting away laundry and cleaning up my room for the week. At least I started the week off strong!!



Remember how exciting it was to buy a push up bra in middle school? Yeah, well now the most exciting part of the day is when I get home from work and can put on a sports bra ha! A bit TMI, but I hope I am not the only girl out there that feels like this! I have started to invest money in bralettes more because they add a bit more feminine look to an outfit and are a lot more comfortable. I also have been using them as a layering piece under deep v neck shirts or tanks to change up my look. I have been wearing bralettes nonstop this week and I don’t want to go back. This one is a favorite because I can wear it with anything, but honestly, I’d buy all of them if I could! 

J. Crew Factory City Pants

A few weeks ago, these pants went to clearance and I told myself that I didn’t need them. But everyday I went home regretting I didn’t buy them! Over the weekend, I had a rough day and splurged to get the pants. Did I mention they were only $20 (in store and on select sale days)  and the perfect spring transition into summer pant?!? One of the hardest challenge for me is not wearing all black to work or wearing the same 4 outfits to the office. These pants will make getting dressed for a work a little more fun! They are so bright and colorful I can’t help but smile when I am wearing them. Another perk is that they can be dressed up or down for work or even out to a restaurant!

Products I Love

Lancôme ‘Hypnôse Drama’ Instant Full Body Volume Mascara.

I was blessed with long, thick eyelashes however I am still really picky about what mascara I use. For special occasions I like to use the Too Faced Better than Sex, but for my everyday look I can get my eye makeup done quickly with some liquid eyeliner and apply Lancôme ‘Hypnôse Drama’ Instant Full Body Volume Mascara. I bought it on Black Friday because it came with a liquid eyeliner and this has become my new favorite. This is definitely an investment you want to make.

Maybelline Under Eye Concealer

I saw a few other bloggers talk about this product on Instagram and on one of my Target trips I grabbed one to try it out. If I could, I would wear sunglasses 24/7 I would so I could hide my dark under eyes. I want to let you know that the Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser is a game changer. It looks like I got 9 hours of sleep and did some yoga in the morning before I went to work. It is easy to apply and lightweight enough to build with my makeup. It is also blendable so I can wear it alone and not wear foundation. The other day I applied it to my eyes and blended it with my beauty blender around my face lightly using it as a concealer. It is sheer enough to not look like makeup, but it covers all of my imperfections. I think I am going to buy this product in bulk because it is that good! It’s so good that my mom stole mine so I had to buy myself a new one ha!

Harmon’s Generic Version of Jergens

You may have noticed that I have a slight glow in my recent pictures lately, and that is not from the sunburn I got from Florida! While I do have a nice base tan from Florida, I have been adding some color every week with Jergens. Now I personally prefer the Harmon’s version of the product more and the price difference is a no brainer, which is probably why I like it more ha! Right now I only use it once a week, usually after Sundays shower, but when June rolls around I will be applying it 3 times a week to keep my skin tan. I love a good tan, but being Irish I know the dangers of sun and skin cancer. On top of that, we only have a few hours of free time in the day and I just do not have the time to lay around in the sun anymore. I live on the beach and only went to the the beach 4 times last summer. I have a lot of things to juggle and plenty on my to do list. A coworker actually thought my tan was real, so guys, this stuff really works!

Loreal Pro Glow Foundation

My go to foundation for a few years now has been the Maybelline Fit Me and I have liked the quality of it so much I haven’t looked elsewhere for a new one. However lately, I feel like every blogger on Instagram is raving about the new Loreal Pro Glow Foundation. I was at Target and decided to just try it. My Fit Me foundation finally ran out and on Monday I thought it was a good time to try it. My skin actually glowed when I put it on! I Like it because it doesn’t show my pores and my skin texture is amazing. What I didn’t like about it is that it is such a tiny bottle and I felt like I needed to squeeze a lot onto my beauty blender to evenly put it on my face and neck. I will have to play around with it a bit, but after a 12 hour day my face still looked fresh like I just put it on.

What I’m Watching

Chelsea– I have been in love with Chelsea Handler since she was on E! and as a fellow Jersey girl I am in love with her brutal and honest humor. Her new show on Netflix has everything I love in a talk show. It is refreshing to have honest material and content on a talk show besides celebrity gossip. Only Chelsea can talk about immigration or politics and actually make more sense than anyone else in the media.

The Arrangement– If you watch E!, you have seen the numerous commercials promoting the show. One morning before work, I was eating breakfast in front of the tv and this show came on. I was too lazy to turn the channel and actually really liked it. I got caught up this week and now I am hooked.

The Client List– I logged into Netflix and had nothing to watch. Nothing inspired me. I had already watched everything. The Client List came up on my recommendations tab and I had to watch something while I cleaned my room. Welp. I got sucked in. So if you want to watch a girly tv show that is an easy watch, this is the show for ya!


Night Time Yoga

I used to be really serious about yoga, but when life got busy, I would make excuses not to do it. When I get out of work at 10pm, I just want to crash into bed and sleeeeep. But spending just 15 minutes a night doing yoga has done so much good for me. I can feel it in my body and how I sleep at night. I can feel my body being realigned  and I fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. I definitely recommend adding yoga to your daily routine. 


Working seven days a week leaves very little free time. At work I make lists of things I have to get done and make lists of things I wish I could be doing instead.   I started to take my lunch break which I normally never do and spend some time for me. This week I gave myself a mani at my desk and read a magazine. Just taking 30 minutes to myself gave me a little more energy in the afternoon. I was so productive and got so much more done just taking some time for myself during the work day. 

Throughout the week, I share my blog posts and my purchases on my Blonde Rosie Blog Facebook page first. Let’s connect on social media so we can stay in touch. Hope everyone has a lovely weekend! I will be spending my weekend at work, but I heard it was going to be rainy so at  least I won’t be missing anything!


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