pom poms for winter

There are things I want and things I need in life. One of the struggles of being an adult, is having to choose paying my car payment over something I want to add to my closet. This winter, pom pom hats were everywhere. Everyday at work I wanted to buy one, but I just could not justify spending money on a winter hat I would wear only a few times a year. However, after Christmas, we got a lot of returns and all of the winter collection was going to major clearance. While at work one night, I found the black pom pom hat I realllyyy wanted on sale for $9 in the clearance bin. Guys, I was really excited about this hat and the price was too good to be true!

J. Crew Factory has the pom pom hat in a variety of colors, but if you wear makeup daily or want a hat that goes with everything, I suggest getting the black one.

Right now the hats are on major clearance at J. Crew Factory. I cannot guarantee that they are still in stores, but I checked and they are still available online!



Some of the other colors include…



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