#goals : declutter

One of my yearly goals is to clean and declutter. This may not seem like a lot of fun, but decluttering you room, your home, car, closet, etc. brings so much happiness into your life. Walking into a space that is messy makes me very stressed out. It’s hard to go to bed if I have clothes on my floor or there are dishes in the sink. It sounds crazy, but waking up in the morning and everything is in its place helps me get out of the house faster. This is coming from the girl who loses her keys at least once a week (because I put them in a new place every night)!

Cleaning seems like a big task, but if you do one big clean in the beginning of the year and maintain it, it’s not as scary as a task. One way to make it easier is to declutter. Go through each room at a time and then go through each drawer, and each category of clothes. I wrote another post on this here that I highly recommend.

Another exciting project that I am starting is the Home Organization 14 Week Challenge. It started when I found this Facebook group and every year they have this house cleaning challenge. Each week there is a different room to clean and it provides a to do list to make sure you go through all of your items, purge, declutter and do a big clean so it is easier to maintain throughout the year. You can find the challenge here.

Over the weekend I started with my kitchen and checked off a lot on my to do list, but there is still a lot more fun to be had! Since I did this last year, so far the cleaning has been very easy to do. I created places for everything last year, so it is just me putting some things back to where they belong.


My parents are in for a big surprise when they try to find things this week! I am sure they want to kick me out of the house after all of this cleaning!

Who wants to do this with me??





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