now is the time to buy a winter coat


For todays Wear it Wednesday, I am sharing how to save money on winter coats. After all of this snow we have been having (it even snowed in Dallas, Texas!), all of us had to bundle up to survive the cold. If this snowstorm made you realize you need a new coat, good news because now is the time to buy one!

Keep scrolling to find out how to get one for cheap this month!


One of my skills in life is getting the best bargain when I am shopping. I have ways of finding J. Crew for super cheap, finding Lilly Pulitzer pieces for only $10 and have two closets full of clothes that I never paid full price for. In college, I always had friends borrowing clothes out of my closet because I had so many great pieces to wear.

Today I thought I would share with you how I have built an amazing closet over the last few years. One of my biggest trick is to never buy anything full price. I get a lot of my clothes at consignment or Goodwill for just $2.99, Crazy, huh?? It takes some practice and patience to sort through the junk, but I have found some amazing pieces for just a few dollars. When I went to Texas last year, I went to one of my favorite consignment stores and bought a whole new J. Crew wardrobe for our 10 day visit. I spent only $200 for dresses, shirts, pants and a few Lilly Pulitzer pieces for that summer.

An expensive purchase that everyone needs to have is a winter coat. For my first job out of college, it was so close that I would just walk the five blocks to work and not drive. My first winter home I realized that my college peacoat or North Face was not going to cut it for the commute to work! In January, I started to look for a proper coat for the winter, and when I started to look in department stores I found that there was nothing left in the stores or I didn’t like the options. Then I went over to the clearance section and found a big puffy coat from Vince Camuto for under $100! There were a ton of coats in clearance because the stores in January are trying to get rid of the winter clothing and make room for resort wear!

At the store I work in, all of our winter coats are in clearance as well. And you might have gone last week and realized they were not your size. Here is a helpful hint, for Christmas a lot of people get nice coats for their kids or family members, but after Christmas a lot of them were returned. When they are returned, they go straight to clearance because we don’t have room for them on the floor anymore. If there was a coat you saw but didn’t get in time before it sold out or it was above your budget, be sure to go to the stores now and check clearance!

I shop a lot, but I am very smart when I shop… Just like every other girl, I want the newest trends and to fill my closet with beautiful things. I have made some big purchases lately, but I have to point out that they were all on sale. Christmas time is the best time to buy perfumes and makeup, and January-March is the best time to purchase a coat. Just remember that the day a new style hits the stores, you don’t have to buy it right away. Wait a few weeks (or even months) and I can guarantee it will go on sale or be in clearance!

My red coat is on major sale right now! Fellow blogger prepsterange and I have the same coat and we are both obsessed!



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