Blend in 2017

beauty blender


I have always struggled with bad skin since middle school so I have always worn foundation to cover my face flaws. Since switching to higher quality face moisturizers my skin tone has definitely improved from its previous splotchy and red face I was used to. Now I can wear makeup for fun and not because I am trying to hide my face! For work I do a 6 minute face and wear minimal makeup. What has changed my makeup routine dramatically is switching to a Beauty Blender. A lot of makeup vloggers and bloggers have talked about them for a few years now, but I thought it was silly to spend money on a sponge. A month ago I found one at TJ Maxx for $4 and thought I would try to see what the hype was all about. I tend to mix different shades of foundation, concealer and moisturizer so blending has always been tricky. Now with the beauty blender I no longer have awkward lines and my makeup looks more natural.


Here is how to use one

  1. Rinse the Beauty Blender so it is damp
  2. Put foundation on Blender and apply makeup to face

It seems easy, right?? I apply face moisturizer first on my face and let it dry a bit before I apply my foundation. Then I pour foundation onto my Beauty Blender and dot my forehead, cheeks and chin so there is foundation spots all over my face. Then I start to rub the foundation in with the pointed part of the Beauty Blender. I apply face powder with the applicator it came with and apply a highlighter and bronzer with my Beauty Blender. Previously when I would add bronzer or highlighter you could see the line of color, now with the Beauty Blender I can easily blend all of the products.


Start the new year with a new beauty tool in your makeup bag, I promise you won’t forget it!


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