cozy sweatshirt + pom poms


A fellow blogger (PrepsterAnge) pointed out that lately I haven’t been blogging as much as I usually do. I feel like the last few months life has been so busy with the holidays and it getting dark outside so early I never had time to take photos for Blonde Rosie. I started this blog a few years ago because I was bored and needed a hobby. I didn’t care if no one read my posts or cared about what I was wearing, but I had so much fun doing it! Then I started to run into friends and family and they would compliment me on my blog or say that they looked forward to posts every week. I don’t plan to make money with Blonde Rosie, but I wear really cute outfits and feel it’s a shame not to share it with the world wide web! I hope to be more involved in my blog in 2017 and make some improvements. This started off with some cute outfits and some Post Grad Life advice, but now Blonde Rosie will be going in a new direction (TBD)! If you want to see certain things on Blonde Rosie definitely let me know! I love to do photoshoots and write, so let me know what you want to see!

For some reason I got the week off for both jobs and I have been doing a lot of lounging in bed catching up on my Netflix shows. I am in the process of doing another Netflix Recommendation post too because I am going through shows like crazy!  I am a big Target fan, and I cut my spending budget once I switched jobs, so I had to stop my weekly trips to Target. In December, I broke my rule and did some Christmas shopping at Target and immediately fell in love with this fleece sweatshirt. I didn’t have the funds to spend money on another sweatshirt so I had to walk out without it. But luckily, Santa delivered it under the tree for me. I have been wearing this nonstop since I got it! Hurry up and go to Target because this is the most comfortable sweatshirt I own! And the pom poms are just too cute!!


Women’s Knit Fleece top – Xhilaration •
Wunder Under Pant (Hi-Rise) *Full-On Luon • Lululemon •

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