And I got that good girl faith and a tight little skirt

I love to get dressed in the morning because it’s fun to get creative with outfits.  My office is casual, but I like to dress up for work (most days). While purging my closet, I found some pencil skirts collecting dust in the back of my closet because I usually only wear dresses to work.  I made an effort to wear more skirts to work this month and it made my mornings so much easier! I have a bunch of solid tee shirts that I wear with a skirt and a statement necklace. Done! I can wear the same black skirt over and over with a different tee and no one can tell. Dresses at work sometimes look like I’m trying too hard or too casual. Skirts and a tee shirt worn correctly are a lot more comfortable and an easy outfit.

While visiting my friend Alyson at her apartment I told her about my new obsession with skirts. I took her black pencil skirt that has been neglected all year and made a weeks worth of outfits with it. Using tee shirts in her closet and a statement necklace we made cute outfits for the week! She wasn’t sure about wearing a cotton tee to work, but Monday morning she looked professional and cute in a fun work outfit!

PS: Can we please bring back skorts please?!?

Even when I’m hitting the red carpet I’m wearing a skirt and a crop top!


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