Guest Post: Let’s Talk About Arbonne

GUYS! I am the biggest supporter of girl empowerment and the girl boss movement.
I love to hear about girls supporting and cheering on other girls instead of tearing them down. Let’s be honest for a minute… Very few of us are actually living the lives we expected us to be living when we were baby freshmen in college. Right now I am at a job that I did not go to school for and in the fall I will be doing something I am so not qualified to do on paper, but what the heck I’m going to try it anyway. If you are currently living out how you planned your life back in freshmen year, you deserve a party because I there are very few of us who know what we are doing with our lives right now.

That’s why I was so excited when a friend from college asked to be a guest on my blog.
She is also doing something not originally planned right out of college and is a total #GirlBoss. She is currently doing what she loves and is having fun in the process. How many of us can say they love what they are doing at work right now?

If you have a passion or want to be featured on the blog, let me know!
Share your love for knitting, a new start up, or if you found the perfect pair of jeans and need the world to know. Let’s be #GirlBosses together and empower one another!


Hello, everyone!


My name is Hayley and I wanted to share some products I have been obsessed with lately. Arbonne is a skincare company that is based on botanical principles. This company is dedicated to being a pure and safe vegan cosmetic and supplement line. With so many products on the market with fancy labels, it’s hard to determine what will work for you. I myself was skeptical when a friend who was an Arbonne representative suggested I try the 28 Day Challenge. I thought, what harm can 28 days do? I tried the nutrition line and in one month I saw immediate results. I had already lost seven pounds and was online ready to buy more of the line. I bought the skincare line and then went back for the hair care line when I knew I could never go back to drugstore or high end luxury products. Once I started to see the results I started to do some research on what Arbonne was. I always used the same mascara without checking out the label or to learn where it was sourced or packaged. When I learned what was in the Arbonne products (list three here) I wanted to know what was in my mascara all of these years. I learned that waterproof mascaras use tar to coat lashes and allow the product to stick to your eyelashes. I immediately threw out my mascara and decided I could live without the tar in my life! Arbonne is a botanical based gluten free, vegan skincare, haircare, and nutrition line. It sounds like a mouthful, but do you know what is in your products? If you cannot pronounce the word, there is a good chance it should not be on your body!

After completing my first round of the 28 Day Challenge, I decided I needed to let the world know about this company. I decided to become an Arbonne Independent Consultant. At first I was hesitant to get started, but I read about real success stories about people just like me who were in shock about what we have been putting on our bodies all of these years without reading the ingredient label. I was assured being an Arbonne representative was not like Avon and not one of those business trees that sucks you in and you see little profit. This is a community of people who are in love with Arbonne and its mission to provide quality, safety, value, benefits and results.
While I am doing good by sharing this amazing product I can also make some extra income while working from home. It is so cool!

Arbonne has several skincare lines highlighting different issues people have with their skin such as dryness, oily, sensitive, and combination skin.

Our best selling line is the RE9 Anti-Aging Collection. This collection boosts much needed collagen for anyone 30+, reducing wrinkles and making you look young again!

The Calm line is perfect for those of you with sensitive skin. Pictured below is the Calm Collection’s Gentle Daily Moisturizer, Gentle Daily Cleanser, Soothing Facial Syrum, and Soothing Eye Gel.

The FC5 line is perfect for combination skin types! Pictured below is our Purifying Cleanser and Toner, Oil Absorbing Daily Moisturizer, and Mattifying powder- there are other products in this line focused more on hydration.

Arbonne has branched out into safe baby products as well! This line includes a Hair and Body Wash (tear-free of course!), Sunscreen, Body Lotion, and Diaper Cream

The Arbonne Nutrition line includes the following (30 Day Program shown below) plus a TON more: Vanilla and Chocolate Protein Shake Mix, Digest Plus (probiotics), Fizz Sticks (natural caffeine water additive), Fiber Boost, Detox Tea, and 7 Day Cleanse


Men’s line includes Shave Cream, Anti-Aging Facial Moisturizer, Micro-Exfoliating Cleanser, Eye Repair Cream, and After-Shave Soothing Lotion


There are a lot more products to look at! Click the Shop Now link above to go and check them out!

I am currently looking for business partners who also are looking to be aware of what chemicals we are putting in our bodies and want to be independent business boss ladies! Let’s collaborate and have some fun! Send me an email at


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