work wear wednesday

My summer wardrobe is so much more fun than my winter one because I have hundreds (I am not kidding) of dresses in my closet just waiting to be worn! At work one day multiple clients of mine told me that I have too cute of a wardrobe to work where I do. Unfortunately I do not get the opportunity to walk the Manhattan or Philadelphia city streets showing off my killer wardrobe or shoe collection, I just work in a small town no one has ever heard of. I decided that instead of sitting behind a desk everyday and no one seeing my outfits, I thought once a week it would be fun to share my styled outfits and where I shop.

I had to take a personal day off of work last Monday and I was still not 100% feeling better on Tuesday so waking up was not fun that morning. I went into my closet and threw on a polka dot pencil skirt and black work shirt without thinking much of it other than my outfit matched. On my way to work I realized that even though I put zero effort into my outfit it still looked super cute! I got the skirt for $1.99 at Goodwill (the skirt was a no name but here is a similar one ), the shirt was a classic work tee shirt from Banana Republic. It is made of thicker cotton and looks more professional than a classic tee shirt.  The sandals are old from BCBG and my go to pedi color this season is going to be Essie Forget Me Nots.

IMG_6708 (1).JPG

On Thursday morning, I woke up and looked into my closet to see that I have a lot more spots in my closet than any other normal person should! I decided to continue the polka dot theme with a polka dot dress.  I have had this one for YEARS from H&M and I think I will always keep it in my closet because it is such a fun outfit.

IMG_6752 (1)

Seriously… I have had this dress for forever! I wore this dress on a day trip to NYC with a friend in college. I try to find pieces that can be casual but also worn to the office now that I spend 6 days a week in the office!


On Friday,  I ended the week with another polka dot skirt and luckily no one noticed I had worn polka dots 3/4 days I was in the office that week! This skirt I also got from Goodwill and it is from Forever 21.

IMG_6764 (1)

 I had so much fun getting ready for work this week that work was almost bearable LOL


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