When life gives you lemons…

A friend of mine gave me a present because when she saw, it she immediately thought of me and was she correct! When I saw it, I squealed! It was perfect! I needed it! It was this tiny lemon pitcher and it so cute! I found one on Etsy so you can purchase one yourself. It is perfect for summer lemonade and decorating. I think lemons are going to be my new theme of the summer!IMG_6895

I feel like lemons are everywhere lately!
In the summers I love to grab a big bag of lemons from Wegmans and fill clear canisters with them. It is an inexpensive way to bring summer into my kitchen and lemons usually last a while so I do not have to change them that often.
I am happy to see this lemon trend popping up everywhere!

In my guest bathroom, we have the lemon soap and lotion set from Bath & Body Works becomes it smells delicious and the bottle is so cute! The bottles from Bath & Body Works makes the bathrooms look so cute too!

Food themed pool floats are in and now I feel like I need a lemon pool float to carry on the summer theme! You can purchase one at Target or Amazon. I have a tiny pool but if I had a million dollars, I would have all of the different kinds in my giant pool!


NY&Company had a dress last season with lemons on it which was adorable! It is currently 50% off and I regret not getting it the last time I was at the store.

lemon dress

Reese Witherspoon has her new Southern Lifestyle company called Draper James and she uses lemons as her inspiration. This lemon print dress is adorable and very Southern. She uses this print multiple times in her online store.


I am inspired by this party for the Draper James Anniversary Party thrown by Reese Witherspoon herself. The theme was lemons since that is her main print for the brand and  I am in love!


Make yourself a glass of fresh lemonade (recipe here) and enjoy summer! In the summer, all I drink is iced coffee and lemonade. I’ll spend hours by the pool lounging and drinking lemonade because it is so refreshing on  a hot day!

Yellow is usually a color we are told to stay away from because it is a very bold color that few people can pull off. I feel like in 2016 that fashion rule needs to be broken! From beach cover ups to work outfits, this summer the color yellow is in!



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