Hello, March

Is it just me or did February feel like the month that would never end? It really was forever and a day thanks to Leap Year! At least we are one more month closer to spring. It is time to start switching out wardrobes, decorating the house for spring and planning for fun adventures in March!

Header 1

Work: Step one of things to do this month is change your desktop wallpaper. Who knows the last time it was changed?! But instead of making it a collage of friends or cute puppies, make it something that is actually practical for work. Say what you want about her but this girl has a good website of useful things. Or I should say, she pays a lot of people money to make a good website for the millennial girl in the workforce today.


March Desktop Wallpaper

Gym: Sign up at Influenster and take advantage of their Target C9 campaign. Join the challenge and you can get 40% off a sports bra. I was able to use the coupon on a bra that was already on sale so it ended up being $3… win! There are more prizes if you post it to social media accounts too!


Netflix: Currently binge watching/ obsessed with Friday Night Lights. It actually makes me miss high school and I hated high school. If you know nothing about football and want to learn about the sport, this show is the one for you!


Products I love: I am a very lazy person and in the winter it only gets worse. On an impulse buy I decided to get the new Nivea in shower body lotion body wash. I am in LOVE! My legs are hidden under pants all month long so my body needs some TLC! Say goodbye to dry skin and hello to hydration! Perfect for lazy people!


Home: This month I have made an effort to work on the relationships I have with people more. Reuniting with old friends, spending time with my parents and making new friends. It is a lot of effort but I have learned it is something that should always be a priority no matter how busy our life is.  I am so lucky to still be close to some college friends even though we are all moving in different directions struggling in our own post grad life struggles. I was able to surprise my parents with presents on Valentine’s Day which brings me more joy to be able to bring joy to others!


Happy March, Everyone!


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