dreaming of paris

I think this shirt was on the shelf for 12 hours before I purchased it! In the efforts to have a more minimal closet, I try to stay away from graphic tees. However, this Paris Collector Tee was too cute not to add to my closet. By pairing it with my J. Crew skirt and adding a statement necklace, I was able to dress it up for work.  There are days I just wanna throw on jeans and a t shirt, but not look like a slob. So this is perfect for those lazy days!

Okay, now I need to start making plans to go to Paris!


dress for fall

September has shown us some crazy weather in Jersey lately. With the hurricanes hitting Florida and Texas, we have been getting the strong winds, rain and chilly cold front the last few weeks. Then the next day it is in the 80s and I have no clue what to wear. Early September, I packed up all of my Lilly Pulitzer, summer tanks and shorts because it was feeling like fall.

I recently purchased this dress because it is a great fall transition dress. I wore it to work last week with my brown cardigan and was able to take off the cardigan when the weather got hot again later that day. This weather has been so bipolar lately I really don’t know how to dress! I plan to wear it throughout the fall and pair it with tights so I can wear it in the winter. Last week I wore my Tory Burch Miller Sandals and plan to wear it with my brown flats later in the fall.

Right now it is on sale with another 50% off, while students and teachers get another 15% off! I have a feeling this dress is going to be worn weekly because it is so easy to throw on and wear it to work.


dress // bag // shoes

the perfect wear with anything shoe


Since it is Tuesday Shoeday, I thought I would write a blog post today about my favorite shoe for summer. The T were on my wish list all last summer and I felt like every blogger out there owns a pair. Finally in August, I saved enough money to splurge on a pair. Not only are they cute and go with every outfit, they are also super comfy! I wear them with denim shorts and a t shirt to Target and to work. I am on my feet for 9 hours and my feet don’t hurt at all because they have a bit of padding in them. Yes, they are a bit pricey, but I have had mine for a year now and these are the only sandals I wear now. I have worn them to the beach, pool and even hiked in them never having a problem with them breaking or stretching out. When I say I wear them all the time I really do mean it!

I chose this neutral color so I had more outfit choices to wear them with. Right now I am looking at a black pair or a baby pink shade version. I seriously want one in every single color! On a sizing note, order half a size up.

getting that summer glow with Olay

In the summer you want your skin to look its best. With just a few changes in your skincare routine, you can transform your skin in just one week. Our beauty routines require some extra love because we spend more time out in the sun, sweat more and cover our skin in sunscreen causing a lot of oil buildup.

As soon as the sun comes up, I am throwing on a swimsuit and heading out to the pool or beach. My favorite feeling in the world is feeling the sun on my skin. I love a good tan, but I also know that the sun causes my skin to get dry and it looses its glow. I wanted to share how I keep my skin smooth during the summer.

Day 1

The easiest and cheapest way to get your skin to glow is by exfoliating. I use my Olay Body Wash everyday to wipe off the oil buildup and dead skin. I know that showering daily is obvious to getting clean skin. However, it is also important to know what products you are using to wash your body. Look for products that have lasting moisturizers in the formula so hours post shower your skin will still be soft. Personally, I love the Olay body washes because they smell amazing in the shower and my skin feels amazing for hours after. When you get out of the shower smelling like flowers, you know you are really clean! Olay body washes come in a variety of premium scents to fit your mood. I always grab the daily exfoliating body wash to make sure I get all of the dead skin off of my body to make sure my skin stays soft.

I also use my Olay moisturizer in the morning under my makeup and before bed after I wash my face.

Day 2

Changing your diet does wonders for your skin. Over a year ago, I cut out dairy and salt from my diet and my skin has transformed. Drinking more water and eating more fresh vegetables and fruit can all be a part of a detox that fits your lifestyle. Instead of eating chips for lunch, snack on an apple instead.

Day 3

I try to spend as much time as I can outdoors during the summer months. In addition to changing my diet and exfoliating daily, I also use makeup with SPF. During my lunch breaks, I will sit outside and read my book but I will make sure I am wearing my sunglasses to protect my face from sun damage.

Day 4

Remember to get your beauty sleep! Take advantage of the setting on your iPhone clock that gives you a bedtime reminder. Even with my weird work schedule, I still find time to get at least 8 hours of sleep a night. The only time your skin renews itself is when you sleep. Plus, getting sleep prevents those dark circles under your eyes!

Day 5

One of my favorite feelings in the world is when my body feels like jello after a yoga or Pilates class. The entire time I just wanted to collapse and give up, but that feeling of accomplishing something after is worth the pain. Exercising daily is essential in a daily routine. Find an excuse to get your heartbeat up daily. Then hop in the shower and exfoliate with my Olay Body Wash to make sure the sweat doesn’t clog up your pores.

Day 6

Drink water! Remember to keep a few bottles of water in the fridge so you can grab one and go on the way out of the house. It is no secret that drinking water does wonders for your skin. It’s just everyone’s excuse that they forgot to drink it during the day. I keep a water bottle in my car, at work and a few ready in my fridge so I never have an excuse not to.

Day 7

Exfoliate. Moisturize. SPF. Eat Healthy. Drink Water. Sleep! Take this routine past day 7 and continue throughout the summer.



This is a sponsored post with Walmart and Influenster, but all opinions are my own. I have had Olay body wash in my shower for years before Walmart reached out! #OlayAtWalmart #contest

Guide to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale


Why is it that when we tell ourselves we will not spend anymore money this month that the next week there is an amazing sale? The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale begins on July 13th for cardholders and on July 21st for non-cardholders ( ie. me!)

Get rewarded for shopping!   I don’t like to have a million cards for stores, so I try to find other ways to get in on the coupons and exclusive deals. With Nordstrom Rewards, you get the benefits of a card without having to rack up debt or credit on a card. You still get the $20 notes when you spend a certain amount and there is free shipping for everyone so you can still shop smart without the card.  Be sure to sign up for Nordstrom Rewards before you start shopping to collect points!

Why am I excited about this sale?   I like to call myself the expert sale and clearance shopper. I know where each clearance section is in my favorite stores and I have learned when the best sales are. When panties are $3.99 at Victoria’s Secret, they are the ones that are left over from the past year and need to get sold to make room for new inventory. Those cute pillows I always find for $5 at Target are clearance ones and are from a collection that is getting phased out. This is why the Nordstrom sale is different… this sale is on new inventory coming in on fall items. Even better, the prices are like clearance prices for some items before they even hit the shelves! Now is a great time to stock up on trendy pieces you want for fall. Even though it is 90+ degrees outside, buy it and put it in the back of your closet until fall rolls around. Other summer items are also on sale, but this sale is popular for fall shopping specifically.

What am I buying?    I am just like every other 20 something girl out there who wants a designer handbag, but can barely pay my bills and afford my daily Starbucks coffee. Nordstrom is successful in the declining retail world we live in because they sell luxury items and have trendy pieces as a part of their store brand, BP, for a cheaper price. If you have been eyeing that Tory Burch bag, now is the time to buy it because you won’t be able to find it cheaper anywhere else. I know when to buy and where to save. And this sale is when to buy! Now is the time to buy booties, coats, sweaters and denim. Upgrade your fall accessories during this sale.

How do I prepare?    In the beginning and end of every season as I take out a new wardrobe and put it away, I purge. I see what items I can part with and find out that I have way too many white t shirts and sweaters and need to stop buying them. I will take everything out of my closet and fold it on my bed before deciding if I should put it back in my closet. This is a smart thing to do every season, but also before the Nordstrom sale to find out what pieces you are missing in your closet. I know I cannot buy one more sweater because I have 2 storage containers packed with them. But I am finding that I am missing some other items in my closet. Know what you have and know what your closet is missing.

What am I buying?   I like to walk around Nordstrom during the sale and see if anything catches my attention. This year, there is nothing that my closet is missing, but I am sure I will stumble on something that I need! Lately, I have been wanting to invest in accessories like jewelry, shoes or handbags. I am hoping to pick up some items from Tory Burch or a new brown leather watch. You may want to cry when you swipe your credit card after your shopping spree, but the good news is that what you buy will last and it is an investment. Now is also a good time to buy luxury makeup!


Stay connected to my blog Facebook page and InstaStories where I will post what I purchased during the Nordstrom sale! I plan on posting on here again with some of my must haves from the sale when it becomes live.

Also let me know if there is anything I neeeeed to have in the comments below!


happy shopping!

how I’ve waited so long for summer nights when there’s magic in the air and I don’t have a care

I try not to buy tops that I know will only be in style for a season and then out the next. However, this off the shoulder style looks like it will be around for a while! I wasn’t really sure how I felt about this style in the beginning. To be honest, I don’t like my shoulders because of acne and my scoliosis curve, so highlighting this feature on my body isn’t usually a priority. I went shopping a few weeks ago and saw this blue striped off the shoulder top with bows on the sleeves and knew it was coming home with me. But then it sat in my closet for weeks…. Even I, the fashionista didn’t really know how to style it.


My family and I decided to end our 4th of July weekend by going to dinner on the water in Highlands, NJ. The town my mom and her family grew up in so it holds a special place in our hearts! Even though it is hot in July, anyone who lives on the water knows that after 7pm the temperature drops dramatically.  I thought my long sleeve off the shoulder top would look cute and keep me warm by the water. I finally had an excuse to wear it!

This became a perfect summer and patriotic outfit for the 4th of July! We had such a rainy and chilly start to the summer that left most of my cute summer clothes to get lost in the back of my closet. Finally, the weather is starting to get warmer and the sun is staying out to play!

Summer is definitely my favorite season and I also have a very large summer wardrobe because of it. My white shorts or white jeans are a summer staple, so if you invest in one or two good pairs of each they can last you for years. I am constantly wearing the same white J. Crew 3 inch chino shorts with different tops. I literally wore the same shorts every day for a week and no one noticed because I would change up my look by having shirts tucked or untucked into my shorts. I am a big fan of the J. Crew chino shorts because of their length and they can easily be dressed up or down.

This top sat in my closet for weeks with the tags still on, but I love that I finally took it out! I styled it with a silver necklace from Francesca’s to dress it up a bit and my new cork clutch. My Tory Burch Miller Sandals are a summer classic for me. I am shocked I have not scuffed them up after having them for a year, but they are a very durable shoe. They are a bit pricey, but they are lasting longer than any other $20 sandal I have ever purchased. Scroll down for all of the outfit details!

My clutch is currently 50% off and a must have for summer! I get stopped on the street whenever I use it because people ask where I got it from. When I tell them how much it was everyone is blown away! The best part is that it is fake cork so with a Clorox wipe you can wipe it down and keep it looking clean and fresh year after year! If you are a teacher or college student you get another 15% off, too!

My off the shoulder top is currently out of stock, but I put together some other options for you here, here and here. When I shop the items are usually on clearance or major sale, so they sell out quickly! Be sure to follow me on my blog Facebook page because that is where my shopping hauls are posted first.