Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift Guide


It is almost Mother’s Day so be sure to start finding unique gifts to remind your mom how much you love and appreciate her! Don’t forget a card! It is best to start shopping now instead of the Saturday before when all of the cards are gone at Target and there is nothing but leftover St. Patrick’s Day decor! It will be here before you know it.

My mom loves William’s Sonoma so I try to go in and get her something little since I cannot afford anything in that store! My go to is kitchen dish towels and they are almost always on clearance. Also, you can’t go wrong with one of their mugs! You can also ask them to gift wrap it with tissue and ribbon- free of charge!
My family is slowly getting away from using plastic water bottles so a Swell water bottle is the perfect gift for at work and the gym. It keeps beverages cold all day and is so cute!
An easy gift is an Alex & Ani bracelet because it allows for a personal and thoughtful touch! And a girl can never have too many!
My mom LOVES flowers in the home. But because to keep up with fresh, live flowers is so time consuming and expensive we have a lot of fake flowers around the house. If you buy good ones they look just like the real thing! And no mess of having to throw dead flowers out at the end of the week. At Marshalls or TJ Maxx you can purchase a vase with fake flowers that look so real! Target also has some more fancy ones but are a little more pricey.
It is a nice thoughtful gift that literally lasts foreverrrr.

My families Mothers Day tradition is to go to the flower nursery because it is something my mom did with her mom when she was an adult. We buy our flowers for the summer as a family and spend the afternoon gardening outside. It is a lovely tradition but also makes us productive. The end result is a house surrounded by beautiful flowers grown with love.
What are some traditions you and your family do?