Downstairs Guest Bath + FALLing in Love With Our Bathroom Theme

I’m back today to share another room in our house that is kinda unpacked and decorated. It’s been a long journey, but I like forcing myself to finish a room so I can share it on the blog. Sometimes you need that extra boost of motivation! I’m trying to spend a block of time unpacking a box or decorating a space each day, but boy is it exhausting!

Honestly, one of the big selling points for this house was the half bath on the first floor. It was recently redone and the perfect size for guests. When my parents visited me while I was at my old apartment, it was a challenge to get ready in the morning because we were all fighting over the bathroom to get ready! Now we have two bathrooms so there is no longer a line for the only bathroom and it’s been useful having a two story house – less steps! There was also enough room to add the small cabinet that I used in my old bedroom to store accessories. Now it has products for guests to use and can hide cleaning supplies so they are out of sight. I am not a fan of clutter so with the little amount of counter space and the size of the room , it actually helps limit how much stuff I can put in there so it’s not too crowded.

I’m sure I will decorate this bathroom some more in the coming months but it is so nice to have a room in our house that feels finished. I added some fall decor for now; the llama soap and hand towel were a must have because of Jake’s love for all things llamas! Both of these were TJ Maxx finds! My plan is to swap out fun decorative hand soaps and hand towels for each season. Easy updates to make to the bathroom and I’m sure our guests will enjoy them too! Next step is to go through the artwork I have in the basement and decide if I can use it or if I need to buy some new frames for the space.

Oh! And I have to point out our towel hook because the bathroom didn’t originally have one. The sink just looked so sloppy with a hand towel on it and I didn’t want to put any holes in the walls. One night I was browsing on Amazon and did a quick search to see what I could find. On a whim, I bought this adhesive towel ring and had to share it because it’s really good quality!

Bathroom Details

llama hand towels // llama hand soap (TJ Maxx) // flower arrangement (similar)


Spring Bedding with Ikea

I know my days are numbered living with my parents, so I have been in the process of getting rid of clutter, personal belongings and trying to get my entire life to fit in a little U Hual truck.  I have donated two pieces of furniture so far and I only plan on taking my bed with me at this time. I have been really good at getting rid of things, but that does’t mean my bedroom can’t have some personality! I have plans to do a bedroom reveal because since Christmas, my room has gone through an amazing renovation. In December, I did a major purge and most of my belongings are either at Goodwill or in boxes in my basement ready for the big move.  Continue reading “Spring Bedding with Ikea”