Cute $15 Dress from Target

One of our first things we did with our new car was to go to Target and walk up and down every single aisle. Kudos to Jacob for being so patient while we shopped! We walked in with a list and somehow we walked out with way more things than we planned on getting. As an impulse buy I grabbed this cute dress I saw because it was only $15 and just thought it would be an easy summer dress to throw on. Right away I loved the way it looked when I got home and tried it on. I loved the ruffle hem on the bottom and was easy to throw on for errands. I’d recommend sizing down because the hem flares out. I’m wearing an XS and right now I’m usually a small/medium.


dress // sandals // jean jacket // straw tote (similar)


Nordstrom Pajama Set

Nordstrom Pajama Set

Happy Wednesday! It’s that time of year when we all need some extra coffee to get everything done before Christmas! Last week we baked a ton of cookies to send to our family along with our Christmas cards. Jake had a little too much fun ordering decorative boxes and bows on Amazon to make them all pretty ha! We then had to walk all the way to FedEx to make sure they would get there on time. We thought this would be an easy errand, but lots to do behind the scenes. Now I understand why moms are always so tired this time of year!

After a long day I love putting on my pajamas and curling up in bed with a cup of tea and a good book. I recently bought this new pair of pajamas because they were on sale. I may have bought them because they were pink but I immediately fell in love with how soft there were! I often find it impossible to get changed into real clothes in the morning because they are so cozy!

December Old Navy Try On

Today I’m doing something I rarely do and sharing an Old Navy try on because the sales right now are so good! I picked up some great pieces for wearing around the house and for when I go back to the office… one day! Almost everything at Old Navy is on sale all month long and featuring daily deals with amazing prices on items!

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Pixie Pants
New and improved with a high waist but with the same stretch that makes them so comfortable.

Pixie Pants
It’s a great time to stock up on these work pants while they are on sale. Wearing my usual size 2 and they are a little snug but they stretch during the day as you wear them.

Thermal Knit Leggings
Wearing size small and they fit great! I want to note that they are see through so wear nude undies!

<a href="http://&lt;!– wp:paragraph –> <p></p> Color Block Sweater

Color Block Sweater (Wearing size small but wish I sized up for a comfier fit)

Flannel Pajama Pants (I bought like every pattern last month!)

Puffer Coat Sized up to a medium to fit better with sweaters.

I can vouch that this is a very warm coat that blocks the windchill!

Christmas Pajamas That Give Me Comfort and Joy!


 I believe that you can never have too many Christmas pajamas! I’ve always been obsessed with Christmas pajamas and slippers and like to treat myself to a new pair (or two) every Christmas. This year, I’m going to take advantage of staying at home all the time and wear all of my cute pajamas every day. I have a system, day pajamas for during the day when I want to stay festive and cozy and night time pajamas for when I sleep. It’s the only way that I can wear all of my holiday pajamas!

After seeing that pajamas were on sale at Old Navy a few days ago, I got a bunch of different patterns as well as matching pajamas for Jake and I. Even though the holidays will look a little different this year, doesn’t mean we are going to break all of the traditions. I’m so lucky to have a guy in my life who loves our tradition of matching Christmas pajamas as much as I do. We take choosing a print each year very seriously!

holiday flannel pajamas

At this point, I think I can wear a different set of Christmas pajamas and not have to do laundry until after Christmas! They bring me so much joy and I would not be surprised if a few more packages with pajamas in them came to the house between now and December 25th. You can’t beat the prices of Old Navy pajamas so I like to stock up on lots of prints because i can never choose just one! Also want to mention that they are not a heavy flannel making them comfortable to sleep in.

For anyone looking for Christmas presents for friends or family, it would be a cute idea to send them pajama pants, a matching tee, and some slippers! It’s going to be a cold and dark winter and we could all use some fun, cheerful pajamas!

Easy Thanksgiving Outfit for 2020

Dress // Doormat

How are we so close to Thanksgiving? I feel like this holiday season is going to just fly by! This year Jake and I will be celebrating the holiday at home with just the two of us… and Ed begging for pieces of turkey. It’s definitely going to be a different holiday this year but that doesn’t mean we can’t make it special just the 2 (3) of us! I recently did a Target online order for some essentials and somehow this really cute dress ended up in my cart 😉 We can’t control a lot in 2020 but I am going to look cute in a new dress!

The greatest part of this dress is how loose fitting it is so I can eat lots of stuffing and no waistband to stop me! Oh, and did I mention, it has pockets! The sleeves are so fun and helps dress it up a bit. This dress is a great way to be casual and cute for Thanksgiving no matter what your plans are this year!

Hopefully this look gives you some inspiration for your Thanksgiving day outfit. This year is different for everyone and I hope you are able to make it special in your own way. ♥

Madewell Stripe Print Cardigan on Sale

I’ve had my eyes on this Madewell cardigan for a long time. You can imagine my excitement when I found a great dupe that I shared recently on the blog. Recently, I did some shopping in the city trying to find a birthday present for my mom, For the record, I went home with my hands full of bags but with nothing for my mom to send her. I went to Nordstrom Rack and I forgot how many great finds are there for affordable prices. They carry a lot of higher-end pieces as well as J Crew and Madewell pieces that can be a bit pricey. Even though the last thing I need is another top or sweater right now, I had to look because the prices were too good not to at least go through the items. I couldn’t pass up on the popular stripe Madewell cardigan that I felt like everyone has the last few years. It was a lot less than I remember the sale price was and I knew I would wear it for years. I love the brown and navy blue for fall and the pop of pink is perfection!

It is definitely a comfortable cardigan and pairs well with a lot of outfits. For the record, my dupe feels just the same and is just as great. The Madewell cardigan is lightweight enough so it wasn’t heavy and I wasn’t sweating on an unusual warm weather day recently when I was running errands during the day. And on a cooler days when I go for a walk it keeps me nice and warm!

Madewell Stripe Print Cardigan // Madewell Dupe Cardigan