My Favorite Snacks

Coming back from a long vacation makes me excited to get home and make a long grocery list to stock up on fridge and pantry. This summer we have been really dedicated into eating healthier and working out a few times a day. To make these goals possible, we try to limit the junk food in our house and keep easy healthy snacks readily available. Since we are both snackers, we like to have options! It takes some meal planning but eating healthy does not take that much effort and it’s easy to find healthy snacks for even the pickiest of eaters!


I’ve talked about the Dole Smoothie Kits before and they are still a freezer staple more than a year later. To add some more healthy ingredients, I’ll add a handful of fresh spinach, a scoop of collagen powder and a banana. To get my calcium intake for the day, I’ll add two big scoops of vanilla yogurt too. 

Rice Cakes with Peanut Butter

If it’s that awkward time before dinner and I’m getting hungry, I’ll put some peanut butter on a rice cake to fill me up before dinnertime. I learned the hard way that I need to put the rice cakes away or Jake and I will eat a whole sleeve of them plain because they are so tasty!

Salad Kits

The Dole salad kits in the grocery store are also a fridge staple in our house. Our favorite part is how easy they are to make and they come in a variety of different dressing flavors so they never get boring.  I’ll pick up a bunch for the both of us to make during the week when we want an easy snack or lunch. 


We always have veggies for snacking in our fridge. I like to stock up on cucumbers, peppers and celery so I can have something healthy to munch on at night. 


I love to keep seasonal fruit out so I can easily get to it when I go to the kitchen and look for a snack. Banana in the morning, apples with peanut butter in the afternoon. And right now my go to is sliced fresh peaches with a handful of blueberries.


Every time we go to the grocery store, we stock up on Goldfish because it is a favorite in our house. It’s a good junk food snack that quickly fills you up and is somewhat healthy. 

Popcorn and M&Ms 

At night when I am craving something salty and sweet, I’ll make some popcorn and throw in a handful of M&Ms. It’s very tasty and I love when the chocolate melts making every handful delicious! 

Granola Bars

I love these for on the go and try to keep one in my bag at all times. In the morning, I’ll throw one in Jake’s backpack for work and I like to have them on me when I’m running errands in case I don’t have time to stop for a full meal.


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