Friday Favorites 9.3

This morning I skipped the K Cups and went straight to the coffee beans to make a big pot of coffee. It’s going to be that kind of day! I was quiet on the blog and Instagram the last month because we spent the entire month of August on vacation. It was an amazing trip but we are exhausted!! Spent a week at sea on a cruise to celebrate our three year anniversary. We docked in the Bahamas and Jamaica – everything was such an amazing experience. Then we spent a week in Florida visiting Jake’s family and had some bonus days because of the hurricane cancelling planes. Before I knew it, September was here and with it brings little and big life changes. I love the feeling of a new season. It gives me the motivation to try new things, feel refreshed and ready to live life.

I’ve been having fun sharing in real time what I’m watching on the Blonde Rosie Facebook page.

  • Flack on Amazon Prime was a show I found by accident and binged the entire thing in one weekend.
  • Virgin River is my go-to when I’m taking my weekly Sunday baths.
  • Outer Banks is one of my favorites! We did a rewatch and binged season 2 in one weekend.
  • Turner and Hooch on Disney+ is a show we are watching when we only have time to watch one episode together.
  • Good Girls on NBC and Netflix is another show I stumbled upon and I’m so sad I didn’t find it earlier! It’s better going in blind so just trust me, watch this one asap!
  • Outlander on Starz and Netflix quickly became our favorite show when we caught up in 2019. I’m reading the books right now so we are doing a rewatch while I quickly read the books.
  • Monsters at Work on Disney+ is a show with the Monsters Inc characters that is funny for alll ages.

The entire month of August I basically only used the same makeup and skincare products that fit in my travel bag. Before the trip, I put together a small cosmetic bag of trail sized beauty items so I didn’t have to pack and unpack a ton of items while we were traveling. It was a game changer and I only want to travel this way moving forward!

I talked about this Lancome foundation on the blog and it’s been great at staying put during the summer heat. The design of the foundation is also genius because it comes with a built on sponge to make applying easy with no fuss.

For the no fuss, easy makeup days, I’ve been enjoying using these affordable and high quality products. I’m excited that this brand is coming out with more items because I have been loving everything so far.

Finished this face mask this week and it was much needed to get my skin back to normal after eating a lot of food, traveling and having fun in the sun.

On the higher end, I used this face mask a lot before our trip. My face honestly feels like I had it professionally exfoliated, moisturized and pampered!

Ummm haven’t done much shopping in August because we made some big purchases like flights, a cruise, and had to pay for basics like food while traveling all month. I’m sure American Express thinks I’ve been kidnapped because my balance is going to be very different!

As much as I enjoyed fine dining and trying new restaurants the last month, I am so excited to get back into the kitchen! I didn’t realize how much I loved cooking until I didn’t have a kitchen to use.

Love love love this healthy rosemary chicken and veggies recipe.
Jake immediately asked me to make my penne vodka when we got home.
We are making tacos tonight for dinner with our Giordano’s taco box delivery.
If you are looking for a healthy and easy lunch idea, I love to make a salad and then microwave a few pieces of popcorn shrimp to get some tasty protein in. It’s probably not the healthiest thing to do but I love adding some texture and zest to my boring salads.

Started to read Freed, the Fifty Shades book before leaving for vacation and it’s bad, but a nice way to revisit the series.
Months ago I bought Outlander to read on vacation because it was 500 pages so I thought it would be a great book to bring on a long vacation. The only problem is that I finished it in 4 days and had to Prime the second one when we landed in Florida. The third one is already on it’s way and I had to limit the page limit I read each day to make it last even though it was 800 pages.

  • I rarely drink and definitely indulged on the cocktails on the cruise!
  • Everything about our trip.
  • A relaxing week at Jake’s parents house.
  • Rounded up my favorite snacks here.
  • Snuggles with Ed! He’s been very clingy since we got back home.
  • My bed.
  • Looking forward to a quiet, relaxing weekend!


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