Friday Favorites 5.21

Happpy Friday! We have been having such great weather lately and I have been taking advantage of it everyday! I’ve been reading in the backyard and going on long walks around the neighborhood in the evening. It’s been HOT but you won’t hear any complaints from me. The world is slowly starting to get back to normal so we are excited to leave our house and do errands again. Jake and I were excited to run errands last weekend because we had a car and didn’t have to carry what we purchased home. This weekend, we are going to Lowes to get some supplies to finish our backyard. I did all of the weeding and prep work this week and I’m excited to make this space pretty.

It was just announced that there is going to be a revival of the tv show, Dexter in late 2021. I binged it in college twice because it was so good! Turns out that Jake has never seen it so I’m doing a rewatch while he watches it for the first time. In my free time, I’ve been watching the Real Housewives and at night I’ve been watching an episode or two of the HBO show, Big Love. I started it years ago and then got busy so I never finished it.

This week I sat down to write and schedule a bunch of product reviews that I typically share on the blog on Sundays. I’ve been trying a lot of products recently and I’m excited to share them with you. On Monday I have a hair appointment so I am so excited to get my hair cut and styled. The last few weeks my social calendar has been getting busier and busier so I’ve been having to do my hair and wear makeup. My hair needed some TLC after all of that heat so I’ve been using my Redken shampoo and conditioner. There will be a full review of what I’ve been using this week so come back to the blog to read more. I have also been using this eye cream every night to help with my dark circles and puffy eyes. I’ve seen a difference after only a week so I will definitely be repurchasing!

We went to Target last weekend and it felt like Christmas morning walking through the store doors! Of course we went in without a list and Jake was nice enough to let me walk up and down every single aisle. I picked up this dress that I featured on the blog this week, this white eyelet top, and some new sandals. Can you tell I’m excited for summer?

Last week I finished reading The Jane Austen Book Club and just started The Virgin Queen since I’ve been on a historical fiction roll. I also ordered the Bridgerton books and found the books with the original covers for $5. Sharing my link here to get them.

On Sundays, we like to have pasta and try different recipes. I wanted to keep it simple so I made my own red sauce with a can of tomato paste, can of diced tomatoes with 3 chopped roma tomatoes and a bunch of seasoning. In 2020, we stopped eating processed food and I’ve had a fun time making our meals from scratch. I used to think it was really intimidating or would take too long but this year has taught me that I love to spend time in the kitchen. This love has been put on hold however because our dishwasher broke. We had someone come look at it and it’s still broken. Now dinner is whatever won’t dirty a dish!

  • Trip to Target last weekend. Seems silly but after not having a car for more than a year, we get excited about errands now.
  • Full fridge this week after a grocery run.
  • A lunch date at Panera with Jake.
  • Took advantage of the nice weather and walked to Rittenhouse in this outfit.
  • Reading everyday in the backyard has become a favorite part of my day.
  • Staying committed in working out every single day. After months of working out I am finally starting to see a difference.
  • Shared a round-up of some fitness clothes I have my eyes on right now.

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