How to start working out again… when it’s been a while!

Summer is around the corner and I’m looking forward to warmer days and spending my time outdoors as much as I can. However, my body is not ready for those little shorts and cute tops so I’m committing to getting a bit more toned to feel more confident. After wearing leggings or pajama pants all day this past winter, I didn’t realize that I was slacking on my personal fitness goals until it was too late. While my body is not ready for a high intensity work out class, I am giving my body some grace and going to take things slow to get back into the routine.

First, get those workout clothes out of storage and put them in one place that you can easily get to. I try to always change into workout clothes before working out because it’s a way to tell my body that it is time to MOVE. If I can, I will put on leggings and a workout tank first thing in the morning so it’s a reminder to get my body moving throughout the day. If you need some new workout clothes to get you inspired to sweat, buying new leggings or shorts has been shown to help motivate working out!

Right now, we have a routine where Jake and I both do a quick workout as soon as he gets done with work so we can get it out of the way and enjoy our evening. Some people prefer working out before work but we prefer to do it at night because we are not morning people! Whatever works for you, try to do it the same time every day so your body gets used to it and starts to expect some sweat instead of dreading it. Also helps prevent life from getting in the way and forgetting a workout when you plan ahead.

Plan for a 20 minute workout so it doesn’t seem like a bigger task than it is. I’ll put on a playlist I created on Spotify and just start. 20 minutes a day doesn’t take too much time out of your day and I have less reasons for excuses when I remind myself it’s like listening to 5 songs.

Now that you are dressed and ready, the next hurdle is usually, “now what?” I created a board on Pinterest where I save workouts that I can actually do, nothing too high level or intense to look at for inspiration. While scrolling on Instagram, if I find a workout that looks fun, I also save it to a folder on Instagram. To keep the workout moving, I like to stick to the same workout routine everyday so I don’t have to think too much about what’s next so I can keep moving. When I have a workout routine, I can usually keep going for a lot longer than the “20 minute workout” I planned on doing.

Water. Lots of water. I fill up a cute Starbucks tumbler first thing in the morning every day and keep refilling it throughout the day. When I have water nearby I’m less likely to grab a sugary drink when I’m thirsty.

Try for daily walks when the weather is nice. It’s something I love to do when it’s warm outside so I try to get dressed first thing in the morning and plan my day around going on a walk when the sunshine is shining. Those days that are cold and rainy are my rest days ha!


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