Clean Beauty Favorites from Covergirl

My morning routines are constantly changing these days based on my mood and the weather. Some days I throw on some jeans a a cute top and others I wear leggings and a comfy oversized long sleeve top. One thing I try to do everyday is to wear a little bit of makeup because I feel like it helps my energy levels and honestly, I just really miss getting ready in the morning! I wanted to talk about a mascara from Covergirl that I’ve been using a lot lately because it is perfect for everyday use. The best part is that the mascara is clean and vegan. It’s great for volume, length and definition of eyelashes without clumping and feeling heavy like other mascaras. These days I want a more natural look and I love how this mascara is great for blondes because it adds some color to my eyelashes and gives me the volume I need without looking like I’m wearing too much makeup.

Clean Foundation: For months I’ve been using my Covergirl foundation because I can easily build on my coverage preference. In the summer I would mix with my SPF moisturizer in the morning to give my face some light coverage to cover any imperfections while protecting my face from the sun. I’m still mixing my foundation with an everyday moisturizer because I don’t need that much coverage but I like when my face looks like it has a filter on it to smooth my skin out a bit.

Clean Fresh Mascara: Covergirl recently sent me their mascara from the Clean Fresh line and I really like it. CoverGirl’s new Clean Fresh line is formulated without sulfates, formaldehyde, phthalates, parabens, and talc. It’s also vegan! I love to see more brands create accessible clean makeup and Covergirl has been doing this for a long time! I like that I can purchase a product from Covergirl and I know that it’s safe to use on my skin and looks good and natural.

A quick dab of foundation and two or three coats of mascara in the morning and I am ready to get my day started! Are you wearing makeup a few days a week? I’d love to know if you do and what comments you use in the comments!

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