What A Week

I feel like I should start off by announcing it is Monday, November 9th like Governor Cuomo in New York did each day during the pandemic briefings. With last week’s election anxiety, its never ending news coverage that had all of us glued to the television waiting on results I found myself in a slump. There’s plenty to do to keep me busy during the day and I found it difficult to do any detailed task once I moved to the couch in my bathroom in the morning. Scrolling on social media, on said couch in the same bathrobe I wore basically all week, I noticed a lot of people also in the same spot glued to the television waiting for results to come in. There was a lot going on last week that kept us busy so this week I want us all to take a deep breath and put the remote down as we get back to work!

Slumps happen and last week was a justified reason for being in sweatpants all week while we were watching the news waiting for results to come in. At first I started to feel really guilty sitting on the couch all day. I would switch from different news channels to get different perspectives and binge watched Downton Abbey on Amazon Prime when I needed something light to watch. Jake was working 12 hour days in the office that week so he was out the door before the sun came up and would be coming home late and often doing more work from home. Both of us were not hungry so we often skipped dinner or just snacked while we watched Steve Kornacki at the board breaking down the numbers. Jake was sweet and told me not to stress and just hang out on the couch all day because it’s something he wished he could do. I’m embarrassed to say that we had a sink full of dishes by the end of the week because neither one of us had the energy to do the mundane things. I let myself live in the slump knowing that I could start fresh the next week which helped me take the time to relax and be lazy which is what my body needed.

After nights of staying up late, Jake and I were both in bed on our phones on Saturday morning when the results came in. We got a text from a friend we were in a group chat with all week sharing election updates to turn on the tv because Pennsylvania was called. We went running to our media room to turn on the tv and felt a sense of relief that the election was decided. I got to call my parents to tell them the news and it was good timing because they were with my brother in Raleigh. I had a few errands to run in Center City so Jake and I had an excuse to go out and enjoy the warm weather. I loved he energy in the city and the warm weather was just what my body needed. It was my first long walk in a week and my body hated and loved it at the same time. I forgot how much my body needed a long walk everyday. I have an alarm set on my phone everyday at 3pm to take a walk and listen to a podcast. Sometimes I’ll run an errand and other days I’ll just walk 20 blocks and look at the pretty Philadelphia architecture. I am also setting my alarm a bit earlier this week so I can have a slow morning with hot coffee and a mug of hot water with lemon. It’s a great way to start drinking a lot of water throughout the day and has health benefits too. After a week of only wearing pajamas and some days changing into different pajamas throughout the day, I’m ready to get back into some real clothes this week! I like to put on makeup a few times a week just so I can feel a bit more normal

I woke up today and headed straight for my office to get organized for the week. I pulled out my planner and made a long to do list. I put some items that need to be done this week and some things that I want to do this week for me because they bring me joy. Scheduling time for a face mask on Wednesday night, catching up on shows on Thursday afternoon, reading for an hour before bed and catching up on laundry on Tuesday. Later today I’ll find a day that works best for Jake and I to plan an outing maybe to get coffee or brunch next weekend so we have something to look forward to.

Being in a slump can feel like the worst way to spend your time but it’s usually a sign that your body needs a break. I’m so quick to get mad at myself when I don’t have the energy to do things or be productive or when I skip a daily walk but it’s usually because my body needs rest. This week I am planning out things to do and ways to relax in the evening. I love taking a long shower at night and then getting into bed after I apply lotion and my night cream to read my book. It’s the nights that I keep the tv off and get into bed early that I have the best sleep and wake up the next morning refreshed.

Take care of yourself and find ways that allow your body to get rest. The colder months are coming which means less sunlight and colder days that can cause seasonal depression. I’m creating routines now so I can be ready for environmental changes.

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