Friday Favorites 11.12

I hope you all had a great and productive week! After being glued to the tv for a week, I was happy to put the remote down! I’ve been going on a long walk every day to enjoy the last few days of this gorgeous weather. As I say this it is pouring outside but honestly my legs are grateful for this break! A few months ago I thuught it would be great to start working out with all of this extra time that I had. I was committed to an ab workout every day and noticed zero changes with my body. Now that I have been moving and walking, I’ve been noticing my body getting stronger and my body slimming down. These long walks have also been great for my mental health. I’ve been noticing some people decorate for Christmas which I love! In our house, we are keeping the Christmas decorations in the basement for now since we willbe celebrating Thanksgiving just the two of us at home so I want the fall decor up. Dooesn’t stop me from ordering a few things here and there though!

This weekend we plan on going to Target to pick up some Christmas items from the dollar bin. I went last week and bought a ton of large items forgetting that I had to walk a mile home! It was a necessary purchase but comical as I struggled to walk home. Speaking of long walks, we also plan on doing a Trader Joe’s run this weekend to stock up on the Christmas themed snacks. I was joking the other day that I fall for cute marketing all the time and have no self control. Jake had to remind me that it wasn’t a good thing! Since this year is very different, I want to over decorate and really enjoy this holiday season. Jake and I are excited to work from home on the couch while watching Christmas movies on Freeform and bake cookies.

Watched the new movie, Rebecca, on Netflix the other night thinking I could have it on in the background while i cleaned my bedroom but was so captivated by the story. I had no clue what it was about before I pressed play and loved everything about it – the costumes, location and story line. The movie is based on a 1938 novel so I’ve added the book to my want to read list on Goodreads.

Speaking of Netflix, I also started to watch The Queen’s Gambit and once again, I had to stop what I was doing and watch this show. I know nothing about chess and I’m able to understand the plot. Also love a strong female lead in a male dominated game. Fun fact, in middle school I signed up for the chess club because I had a crush on a boy who was in it and I got kicked out…. because I didn’t know how to play! I wonder now what would have happened if someone taught me instead of just saying I couldn’t join because I was a girl.

Last week, we watched a lot of Steve Kornacki’s coverage of the board when the election numbers were coming in. Rumor has it that there is a petition to get his tie that he wore all week into a Smithsonian!

First, we need to talk about the breaking news this week that Ulta stores will be making their way into Targets. From a business decision it’s a great idea for Target and for the consumer, this allows us to be able to shop so many more products. In the last year, I’ve been working with new brands that are affordable and are in Ulta stores. These brands are clean and vegan with a commitment to good skincare and ingredients. If it weren’t through these collaborations, I may have never heard of some brands so I’m excited that with Ulta being in Targets, these amazing products will be more accessible.

One of these brands is Botanics and I’ve been loving the Simply Calm Overnight Mask. I’ll use it a few times a week and I swear my face feels so soft when I wake up in the morning.

I also shared recently on the blog my review of Covergirl’s Clean Fresh line. I’ve been using the mascara a lot since doing my makeup these days since my eyes are all you can see!

For anyone dealing with mascne (raises hand) I suggest using this quick drying foam to prevent breakouts from Dermalogica. It was great in the summer to prevent breakouts from sweat and now I’ve been using this foam in the morning if I have errands to run in the afternoon.

Just ordered a few items by the Sassy by Savannah collection so I will share photos and a review once I get them in!

Currently, I have a few things in transit on their way to my house and I am so excited. For now, I’ll just share the items that I have picked up recently like really affordable masks from Target that are really comfortable for wearing all day.

Last week I went into Nordstrom Rack to find a present for my moms birthday and ended up buying a few things for myself instead. I’ve loved the Rachel Parcell line even before it went to Nordstrom but it was never in my budget. I was excited to see a few pieces from the line at my local Nordstrom Rack that were heavily discounted. For the first time I got to see how well the pieces were made and the quality really does make it worth every penny full price. I picked up a few dresses and a top from the Rachel Parcell line, a Free People scarf that I fell in love last year and a super soft long sleeve top for lounging that was very discounted. I did notice that the prices in store were a bit lower than the online prices but I think that is because there has been less foot traffic in the stores. Also want to mention that the Madewell cardigan I shared earlier this week on the blog was also an incredible Nordstrom rack find!

Added new candlesticks to my fireplace mantle and I love the way they look! Very affordable and look very expensive with the antique gold finish. They are so good that I sent them to my mom for her birthday. I featured them on the blog this week here.

Currently reading The American Heiress and it’s going to take me a while to read but it’s such a beautiful bok to get lost in.

  • I (we) made cinnamon rolls from scratch on Sunday and it was definitely a learning experience but worth all of the work because they were delicious! I found the recipe here.
  • After being lazy for a while when it came to making dinner, we are back in the kitchen and I’m happy to be using fresh ingredients again. This week, Jake made a lasagna and I made breaded chicken strips with roasted carrots and broccoli with rice as well as our usual go-tos. Making a list of dinners for the week has helped us eat healthier and
  • A recent Sunday ritual is an hour long bath with bath salts and bubbles. I’ll prop my laptop so I can watch an episode or movie while in the bath and it’s a great way to make myself to slow down. My skin has also never been softer!
  • The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City premiered this week and Jake’s first thought was “There’s another one?!” while I’m blasting the AC and wearing winter pajamas to get ready for another franchise.
  • We have a big tree in front of our house that from the second floor bedroom windows all you could see for weeks was the leaves changing to a gorgeous maroon color. With the wind and rain this week, most of the leaves have fallen making our front sidewalk look like a sea of leaves. It was sad to see them go but three giant trash bags later we got the sidewalk swept up. I love keeping the front of our house neat and clean which is a challenge in the city, but very rewarding.

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