Friday Favorites 9.18

Last week, I was wearing shorts and a tank top or a bathing suit and this week I am wearing long sleeves and leggings! The weather has definitely shifted; it’s cold, overcast and the sun is going down a lot earlier. It’s making me think of Jake’s family who was directly impacted by the hurricane this week in Pensacola and my friends out west in the path of the fires. I’m excited to be back home in Philly with Jake and Ed but I really am going to miss my time in the South with my parents.

One of the best things about fall is all of the new things to watch! I even made a list of things to watch because I didn’t watch much tv the last few months. Fall television is going to be different this year so I plan on watching shows live to support. One show that will be interesting because of the cast is Dancing with the Stars.

This week I made time to watch the This Is Paris documentary on YouTube. It’s free to watch and heartbreaking to see what happens in Paris Hilton’s life behind the cameras and her brand.

I was excited to be home because I can finally catch up on the current season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I’ve been trying to keep up with the drama on Twitter so now I’m binging season 10 this week.

I’m still sharing my reading list on Goodreads to keep me committed to my reading goal. I did a lot of reading over the summer and I need to get into a routine of reading everyday this fall.

I stocked up on a ton of products before we came home so I got this new bag to keep it all organized. It’s so cute and holds so much that I plan on getting some more bags in this print.

There is currently a ton of new products on my vanity that I am excited to share on the blog in the next few weeks. Over the summer I’ve been going makeup free most days and really focusing on skincare. After seeing an amazing deal on 3 full size eyeshadow palettes from Tarte, I had to order it ASAP!

Recently bought these sandals because they were on clearance and I’ve been wearing them nonstop since. Very comfortable and do not look or feel cheap even though they were only $12.

WOW, I have missed my kitchen so much the last few months! I am back to making dinner every night and trying new and old recipes. We did a big grocery trip when we got back to Philly so I was able to make our favorite penne vodka which was delicious! I’ve been sharing our dinners on Instagram stories and it’s been a great motivator to cook and interact with you all.

Speaking of amazing food, I just discovered the Starkist tuna creations and they are a game changer for lunches!


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