Friday Favorites 5.29

Wow. What a week it’s been in quarantine. Some weeks go by quickly and others, like this one, are slow so Friday was very welcomed. I think we all have a heavy heart with the recent events and the aftermath of them.

Even with a long holiday weekend to start the week, I will admit that this week was a tough one. It was hard to see so many people with their families or out doing stuff. I’ve been calling my mom a lot lately to just talk and have a good cry when needed. The Philadelphia Magazine had a great article that was about how different people in Philadelphia are dealing with quarantine. It’s pretty much our new normal now and we have all adapted to it. One of the women who shared her experience was working from home prior to the quarantine so now she is home with her husband and their son. She said that she never had anyone watch her work before and now she feels like someone is watching her. When I hear states are starting to open up again I feel like there is going to be a comparison game of who accomplished more, who worked from home and remodeled their home best? It’s one thing having to compete with others outside of the home, but no one is talking about comparing experiences with the people we live with. I keep reminding myself to give myself grace during this time but I see some weight I’ve put on with quarantine (I’m no longer getting my 10,000 steps in a day), my roots that desperately need some blonde and house projects I may not get to. When you go to work every day, you have an excuse to be too tired not to get household chores done or have a clean home. However, right now there is the mindset for some that there are no excuses. I’m tired of living like groundhog day. Jake and I joke that we used to run the dishwasher maybe twice a week because we were never home to use our kitchen. Now with homemade breakfast, lunch, and dinner, we’ve run it twice a day to keep up with the dishes. I’d love to know your experiences with quarantine now that we are going into summer and it’s going to look a lot different than it has in the past. I didn’t mean to write such a long introduction to today’s post but I thought I would share.

With the rainy weather on Memorial Day Weekend, I put on comfy clothes and got on the couch for a weekend full of rom-com movies on Hulu. It felt so good to eat cookies and binge movies watching the rain come down because I didn’t feel bad about missing a typical MDW with my family. During the week I watched the limited series WACO and Unorthodox which were both very good. For date night this week, we ordered Taco Bell and watched Secret Life of Pets 2 because we haven’t seen it yet. So cute!! I’m looking for some new shows to watch so leave your suggestions in the comments, please!

As I mentioned above, I read this month’s Philadelphia Magazine while laying out in my backyard and they did a great job covering how the coronavirus is impacting different people within Philadelphia. Earlier this week I finished reading Goodnight Nobody and have moved onto Good in Bed. I’ve been getting more reading done with the nicer weather because I can sit on a bench or layout on a towel to enjoy the sun.

I recently ran out of my usual Neutrogena face wash but instead of buying a new one, I am going to use up all of the face products I have in my bathroom instead. A goal of mine is to use what I have before I buy anything else for quarantine. A nice blogger perk is that I get a good amount of free products in the mail so I want to use them all up because I have a lot! This cleanser that I’ve had for a while has been my new morning face wash. I usually just used it with a cleanser brush but now with the warmer weather, I like using a cleanser that gently exfoliates.

I’ve been getting asked “what did you order?” a lot lately but honestly I haven’t personally ordered much! I’ve been investing more time and energy on the blog and getting more “blogger mail” than usual. I’m so excited to bring some great content to the blog to share some new products with you. I bribed my live-in photographer with brownies this week to do some photoshoots for le blog. HA!

I finally got my new vase that I ordered a few weeks ago because the first one was sent back because it was crushed in delivery. It encouraged me to clean up our dining room table to do a room refresh for the summer. I love how it looks now and the only thing we did was add an affordable centerpiece.

Spending time in the kitchen is something I’ve been loving a lot! I shared on the blog this past week where I’ve been finding recipes and how we plan meals for the week.

Reading outside. Honestly, I needed a break from tv this week so I’ve been running out to read whenever I get the chance.

We got a harness and a leash so we can let Ed hang out in the backyard. He’s such a scaredy-cat so he doesn’t go far so we can let go of the leash most of the time. I’ll let him out in the morning while I sit on our back steps drinking coffee. I love to watch him explore and then get scared of the wind.

I made vodka sauce from scratch again this week. It was a last minute thing because we had the ingredients and it’s so good and easy to throw together.

Snail mail. I got a lot of cards from my family this week and I love having them on display in the living room.


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