How I Plan Our Weekly Meals

In the past I would spend hours on Pinterest looking up cute work outfit inspo and now I’m looking at new recipes instead. From ways to style a pink skirt to ways to cook shrimp. Truthfully, it’s been a fun new hobby to start right now especially since I get to enjoy all of my hard work with a tasty meal! When I first started cooking dinner, I realized I needed a lot of things I didn’t have. Pre-quarantine during the week, the last thing I wanted to do was cook after a long work day. Now I look forward to it all day!

My routine right now is looking up recipes and seeing what we already have on hand while I meal plan on Sundays. I’ll search ingredients on Pinterest so we can find new ways to cook what we have. I’m also getting so much inspiration from people sharing their cooking on Instagram! From there I make a grocery list of things to get on my grocery run on Mondays. Since we don’t have a car, it’s hard to do a big grocery run at one time because we have to carry everything home. With the 30 minute walk it can be annoying to go to the store every week but I do enjoy getting fresh produce and groceries to use. When we were house hunting I wanted to make sure that we were close to a grocery store and while Trader Joe’s is a hike, it’s doable. Luckily we have two grocery stores near us. When the big food stores were out of everything luckily our stores were well stocked.

One afternoon I did some pinning on Pinterest and made a list of pantry necessities. For too long I’ve relied on Trader Joe’s frozen foods for all of my meals! We needed a lot of cooking basics and now that our kitchen is well stocked, cooking is a lot easier to do than I thought.

Now when I meal plan on Sundays, I like to look up recipes to make my grocery list and see what I already have on hand. A new thing I have been doing is taking screenshots of recipes that I see on Pinterest or Instagram and saving them to an album on my phone. I love how I can keep everything in one place and can easily pull up a recipe on my phone. It makes meal planning so easy and fun to keep track of new recipes to try!


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